Socktober progress

I don’t have a photo for you yet, but I will shortly.  I just need to  weave the toe of my first Socktoberfest sock!  And then start on the second one tonight.  I’ve given myself a vacation from work the next two days so there will be some knitting in the evenings as usual but I hope to actually make some good progress on a couple of projects in the sewing room.  It would be so nice to finally be able to have something to report on the stashbusting report one of these weeks. 🙂

The Opal yarn I’m using is one from their “bicolor” lines which gives it sort of a heathery look – one side of the strand has a darker color on it – and I really like how it looks.  I’m going to have to check out the stash of Opal to see if there are any more bicolors in there.

I did check friend Judy’s progress  – she’s using a cool circle sock pattern that I may try for one of my future pairs.  Hmmm… could I have my second sock finished by Friday for the On the Needles report …. likely not but a girl can dream.

Now off to knit and plan my strategy for tomorrow – which quilting project to work on first?