I was sewing along…

and then there was a metallic clunk.  So now the featherweight has had a through cleaning, delinting (I had thread wound in around the back of the bobbin hooks so had to take some bits apart to get at it.  I had not planned for that interruption but I also hadn’t cleaned it in a while so it was needed.   But I’ve did get one more house in the woods done

  This one is a little different than the others since when I got the bottom section done, I discovered that somehow a stray rotary cutter had sliced into one fabric piece — something I didn’t notice when cutting out the patches.  So the lower window is smaller and there’s house frame on each side of the door.  Quick fix.    I may make another like that.

So I’ve got pieces cut for three more in various stages of assembly and now that the sewing machine is humming along again I can get busy on those.  Two of the houses are purple with red doors — I think the Red Hatters must live in those. 🙂


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  1. My houses all have red doors so far. I haven’t done the house in the woods blocks yet. I still have to do the poinsettia blocks too. I really like the fabrics in your tree.

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