Friday nite happenings

Seriously not a lot is happening.  Did go out to dinner and picked up a few groceries but that was my exciting Friday nite.  But no where I have to be, nothing I have to do for anyone else, so I need to plan my attack and decide what I want to work on this weekend.  My clothes dryer is having issues – like getting too hot so I’ve got the maintenance people coming Monday to see what the problem is so I can’t possibly do any laundry (you know I’m really broken up about that!) LOL.

So the plans for the weekend? Well as I look at the table around the computer (which is sitting on my sewing table) there’s various piles of things that need to be put away.  Plus there’s my pile of House in the Woods blocks for CTS that need to be finished.  The printer to put away since I’ve run it dry of ink anyway.  Does one really need two water bottles and two pop cans sitting on that table?  So yes,  some straightening up of the sewing table and then I’ll be able to do some sewing.

I’ve got the sock I’m working on to finish, I want to gather all the Opal yarn together so I can decide which ones I want to use for my Socktoberfest socks.  And while I’m digging through yarn, I bought the Petiole pattern (because I do not have enough projects in the works already) but I need to find two different yarns in the stash to use for that.  It’s just sock weight yarn so I have plenty to choose from and I love the stripes and that leaf design — so pretty.

Oh there’s the flower pots outside containing a nice array of dead plants — those probably should get cleaned out  too.  It’s more fun to clean them out after we get the first snowfall or two — I’d hate to rush into anything! VBG    Yes – I can see a self-indulgent weekend of knitting and sewing coming up!