Bloomin Basket Swap Packages

All swap packages — except for the overseas ones that I need to personally take to the post office — went into the mail today.  I’m going to try to get the overseas ones to the post office sometime this week on my lunch hour.

Well I thought I took a photo of the sock I finished – the one I posted in the last post – but perhaps deleted it when clearing off the camera.  I’ll have to take a new one.  That sock is done – with it’s brown toe  and I have about 3 inches of the second sock done .  I think when I get the second one done I’ll go back and rip back the toe of the first one.  I should have made it a bit longer — it would be okay but it would be much better if I lengthen the foot just a bit and I have plenty of brown yarn to do that — the brown ended up matching perfectly.  I was right tho — I could have gone down a size in that pattern and the bit thicker yarn I was using.  I did decrease after the heel so that the foot/sole section is the smaller size but I could have made it smaller on the top too.  But hey – it’s not like they’re going to really bag or anything.