Swappin and Socks

Ahh…. blocks are swapped, envelopes sealed, everything packed into a tote bag.  Swapping is a lot of work — it took at least 2 hrs not counting the time to lay everything out so with as many blocks as came in this time it was a good 4 hours at least I spent in swap land.  Course  part of it is cause I didn’t come up with the right block count.  So went back and recounted (one of the reasons the swap rules say to write number of blocks on the plastic baggie you enclose them in – double check system.  But I think someone mistakenly wrote down two more than they sent or I included extra in someone’s envelope (though I checked them all twice).  In any event, I just used two of mine to even things out since I was tried of looking at those swap blocks. 🙂

I did make my raspberry muffins — yum, one of my favorite kinds especially warm from the oven.  Did one load of laundry (enough work for one day) and think I’ll go sit and knit for a while.

  I think I’m going to be close on yarn on this pair of socks since I probably made them a size larger than I needed to, but I knew here was a brown yarn in the stash that just might be a close shade to the browns in the main yarn.  I was right.

When I originally got the brown yarn I was so disappointed since the photo on the website was NOT brown – it was a pretty shade of green.  After receiving the yarn, and having to email the dyer several times without response, I finally got an answer that I did in fact receive the yarn I ordered.  NOT an acceptable answer.  I looked  at that yarn on four different computer monitors in four different places – it did not look the least bit brown.  It was not a usual place I order from and will never be a place I order from again.  BUT the mucky brown goes really well with this  light aqua and brown yarn so I will make the toes brown just to make sure I don’t run out of yarn.

So hopefully I’ll get this sock finished off tonight and get the second one cast on.     In looking for the brown yarn, I found the separate container that I had put the Opal yarns in that I had bought at a prior Simply Socks sale (not the most recent one).  Hmmmm…. there was more in there than I thought and some really pretty ones.  I was thinking I only had darker more murkier looking colors but no… there’s some lively ones in there.  Okay – I’ve got enough Opal to last me a good long time. 🙂