CTS – House in the Woods

  The house on the bottom is the original house I made when testing the block a few months ago.  This morning I cut out a few more and I got one of them sewn before I had to move on to some other things I needed to get done.  The one on the top I decided to change up the tree a little.  Those people didn’t like all those tree branches right next to their windows so they trimmed off the bottom ones. and their tree grows on the opposite size of the house than  the prior tree.

I need to get the rest of the houses cut so I can sit down and assembly line sew a bunch of them at the same time.

I did get a question from one quilter about the size of this block – I must have accidentally deleted it off the instruction page when I was editing it.  Like all the other border blocks, this one measures 11.5″ x 10.5″ unfinished.  But why the heck didn’t someone tell me the numbers on the layout page don’t print?  LOL  I didn’t know that since I generally just work off the computer rather than printing the pages out. until I went to reprint the pattern and got the layout page minus the numbers on the pieces.  I have no idea why that is happening since it’s a pdf file it should print everything that you see (unless my computer is just being wierd).    If you CAN see the numbers on your print out, let me know.  But I’m assuming they did not print.


Belated On the Needles Friday

I was busy last night working on a quilt pattern and never got my On the Needles post posted since WordPress was hanging up when I tried to add photos.  We’ll see how it’s doing today.

My pair of Tesserae is now finished and off the needles (notice the 2nd sock did not pool like the other one — now I can tell my right from my left!) 🙂

  In the past 8-1/2 months, I have now completed my 13th pair of socks!  and there’s a few more in various stages on the needles of course.

BUT  — there were those two boxes of yarn that arrived this week.  One is the Opal I ordered from Simply Socks  (but I ordered more Opal in some brighter fun colors from a different shop too (don’t tell friend Judy!) so I’ll wait to show you the Opal stack when we get ready to start our Socktoberfest Opal Challenge.

Now in that second box, which of course was a Box Of Fun (as the sticker on it said – which means it came from the Loopy Ewe) 🙂  was the latest yarn I am in love with.  Judy (yes you know the Judy of whom I speak) who always claims I lead her astray causing her to buy more yarn — she was the one who introduced me to Caper Sock.  It is a lovely yarn, a bit thicker than some sock yarns I use but my it feels so wonderful.  Well, I’ve found a yarn to rival it that I love as much as the Caper and maybe a wee bit more.  Three Irish Girls – it’s just heavenly.

the yarns shown are all Three Irish girls.  The peach and brown combination is Adorn Sock – merino and nylon and the colorway is Brown Eyed Girl.  I think that will be really pretty knit up.  The one that is already wound, and the one on the needles, those are their Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering yarn — it just makes me say aaahhhhhh every time I touch it — it’s a lovely and soft 80/10/10 with merino, nylon, and that  smidge of cashmere.  And the colors are so pretty.

The one on the needles is called “A Very Happy Unbirthday” or something similar to that since I don’t have that one right in front of me.  I cast on those socks last night and I’m going to love them I can tell — the pattern is Ice CubeSocks by Debbie O’Neil – a very subtle texture pattern so easy to remember.  It probably won’t be as visible in these due to the color but I’m definitely going to make this pattern again in a more solid so the texture really stands out.

Now if you want to see what all the others had on their needles yesterday — go see Judy here. 🙂