Thursday Madness

Okay – not really madness but I’ve been really busy and haven’t had the computer on really much all week.   No pictures to show you tonight – but will have some tomorrow (if I turn on the computer when I get home) LOL   I have just the toe to kitchner on the pair of socks I’ve been working on so I believe that’s the lucky number 13th pair!

There’s two boxes of yarn here — they arrived today and horror of horrors I’ve been too busy to even open them!!! How bad is that!  One from the Loopy Ewe (I have no idea who placed that order — would I have done such a thing?)  and the other is from Simply Socks — the Opal yarns for the Socktoberfest Challenge Project.  Did I really say I was going to try to make 4 pair of socks in a month??  Did I plan on taking vacation for the whole month??  Hmmmm….. will they notice me knitting at my desk at work??  Oh well, I can but try.

Then I was busy earlier in the week because I needed to get a quilt block entry in the mail (which I can’t show you at this time) and put some finishing touches (I hope) on a quilt pattern design for one of Hoffman California Fabrics new lines — called Orleans.

Also just updated the Bloomin Basket Swap page with the latest swap packages to arrive.  There are, I believe, three ladies who did not respond to my prior email. I’ve given them one more email but if I don’t get a reply I’ll assum they dropped out of the swap without bothering to tell me.    In any event, I won’t get around to swapping out those blocks this coming weekend but probably the one after that.

Hmmm…. it’s 8 p.m. so time to head off to the really important things –since I was busy plugging the fabric images into the Hoffman design I haven’t had any dinner so need to go find something quick for dinner — I’m thinking grapes and popcorn — it’s well balanced isn’t it?  Actually I’m even too lazy to make popcorn so I’ll go for the peanut butter bread instead and sit down to relax a bit with the new Keepsake Quilting catalog to peruse.

WHEW! is it the weekend yet?