On the needles & The Socktoberfest Sock Challenge

First – the socks that are just about ready to come off the needles so I can cast on the second one tonight —  I just need to kitchner stitch the toes and bury ends.

Notice it did some wacky pooling on the foot but I don’t care.

Have you read dear friend Judy’s blog post on our email exchange regarding the Socktoberfest Sock Challenge I issued?

You can read it here .  I’ve been laughing all afternoon about her comments in response to my email.  I’m not saying they aren’t true – but it’s so funny because after I meet someone in person, when I read their emails, I hear their voice in my head as I read them (hmmm….. that doesn’t sound quite sane does it, but you know what I mean) so I can hear her sweet southern accent so innocently trying to convince you that she ONLY bought yarn for my benefit to keep me happy.   🙂  And I do believe her first response was “you are bad”).

So here is what my email to her said — you’ll have to go to her blog to see her interpretation of a response to it but I’ve added my commentary below in red. LOL

Subject: I’ve been hatching a plan
I’ve had another insane brain storm – several different ideas melded together.  You know this is not going to be good (but it could be far worse).

See — I did admit it was insane – she knows me well enough that when she saw “I’ve been hatching a plan” she should have know to just walk away from the computer.  They never learn so I keep coming up with them. VBG  And honestly I could have come up with a much worse plan (yes, remember the part of the 12 in 2012 challenge about no yarn shopping…. I’m just sayin… things could be much worse).

1) Socktoberfest is approaching 

2) the birthstone for October is an Opal

3) Opal makes me think of Opal yarn  (actually I believe I thought about the Opal yarn first and then realized it is an October birthstone)

Items 2 and 3 do show my amazing ability to find an obscure item that I can some how  link to the need to buy yarn – I readily admit it.   I think it is a gift!! 😉

4) Opal yarn made me think of the recent flyer that Simply Socks still has a bunch on sale (I did briefly think of the stuff I bought on sale from them last time  and haven’t used yet but then quickly dismissed that from my mind)

(you can see where this is headed can’t you) 😉   

Again – she had to know where I was going with this – that it would involve the need to buy yarn (even though she could have used what’s in her stash) – I blatantly admit I had no intention of using what was in my stash for this.  Like her – I put yarn in the cart yesterday and talked myself out of it (and dang! one of them was no longer there today) but at the same time was forming this plan so I waited a whole day to spring it on her!

5) opal yarn on sale has now been purchased from Simply Socks today

well, obviously, did I mention it was on sale for a really good price?  Judy had been having trouble with her internet – she might have missed the sale flyer announcement so yes, it was a public service! (which we are now passing on to all of you )

6) see how many pairs of Opal yarn socks I can make during Socktoberfest.

Does the fact that I bought 7 mean I’ll make 7 pairs in October — not on your life.  But I think I will post a little challenge on the blog tonight and whoever makes at least one pair of Opal socks in October can be eligible for a drawing for one of the balls of Opal I bought.  Are you up for the challenge?

I don’t know how many pairs I’m going to get done but I’m going to give it a good shot!

 NOW ON REBUTTAL (yep – working in a law firm makes you talk that way sometimes):  Judy’s statement that Vince allegedly (another good legal word) believes the extra on the credit card is all my fault  for making her buy yarn — I believe I can prove reasonable doubt on that issue simply by doing this — if we compare Judy’s  stash before I met Judy to the yarn stash after I met Judy, I think you will find the better part of it was purchased before we had even met, hence a pattern of yarn buy has been readily established without any provocation from me — as Perry Mason would say, I rest my case your honor!  (Besides all I have to do is go visit Judy, ask Vince if I can spend the day shopping with him at oh say Home Depot, Walmart or some of this other favorite stores and I’ll be in his good graces!) ROFLOL

So if you’ve stuck with me this far the challenge is this:

Make as many pairs of socks as you can during Socktoberfest out of Opal brand yarn.  You cannot count socks already in progress or already finished or made of yarns other than Opal.  If you have Opal in your stash, you can use it; you don’t have to buy new (but heck there’s a sale — and neither Judy nor I are affiliated with Simply Socks other than as happy shoppers).  You can use any pattern you want.  This is a challenge to yourself – you are not trying to make more socks than me, I am not trying to make more socks than Judy — how many socks do you think you can make and then see if you really can.  You cannot start knitting until October 1, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. in whatever time zone you are in  and the end date is October 31, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. in your time zone. 

I’ll see if Judy will add a linky to her blog after Oct. 31 so we can post links to the photos of the  socks we’ve made (Mr. Linky won’t work on my blog).  We’ll work that all out later but there will be a random drawing  from among challenge participants who finish at least one pair to win some yarn — what kind – Opal of course  !

So how many pairs of socks do you think you will challenge yourself to  make?  I’m thinking I can finish 4 pair.  Time will tell! And bonus – if you are doing my 12 in 2012 challenge — these socks can count towards that total so it’s a win win!

What should really scare Judy is I’ve already got an idea for a sock challenge for 2013 next year (no it does not involve abstaining from buying yarn). 🙂


7 comments on “On the needles & The Socktoberfest Sock Challenge

  1. Well, thanks, I think….. Now I have more yarn, as if any were needed! Not only did I succumb to a ball of Opal, but also to some Crystal Palace. Love that stuff. Now I’m hoping that Through the Loops will come up with a pattern…….. Only comitting to one pair as I still have an earlier Socktober pair that needs its mate. Sigh. Also have several shawls in the works, one of which is giving me fits at the moment.

  2. Yes, I will put a link box. I will do one in a couple of weeks and remind folks to get their plans ready and link up to a blog post showing their yarn and how many socks they think they can make and then I’ll do another one at the end of October.

    I’m pretty excited about this! But, I get excited about everything! 🙂

    • Great Judy – Thanks! When my new yarn arrives I’m going to have to go through the Opal I already have to decide which ones I want to use.

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