Batik Life Saver Block Swap Sign Ups closed

This block swap has been closed and no more sign ups will be taken due to a whole lot ‘o swappers signing up to make a whole lot ‘0 blocks!

Twenty-one swappers (22 including me) – most of whom plan to make 35 blocks — well you do the math (okay I did) and I’ll end up with between 600 and 735 blocks to swap!  YIKES!

So, sorry if I had to turn some of you down that emailed me privately to sign up after I had closed the swap.  And for you TQP members, I marked the database as closed so you won’t be able to add yourselves to sign up anymore.

The block pattern has been emailed to everyone who signed up so please check your email or if not there, your junk/spam  to see if it got caught there.

Denise….. who is trying not to think about how much time it actually takes to swap out 700 blocks!! 🙂



3 comments on “Batik Life Saver Block Swap Sign Ups closed

  1. I don’t envy you—I remember when I was swapping 6 inch charms–I think the max on that one was 25. After the year was up (bi-monthly swap)–I said “I quit.” But I will not say “never again.” But–on the bright side–I can’t wait to see what comes back!

  2. Denise, this sounds a lot like the Eye of the Storm swap! I remember well, the pics you sent while you were swapping those:-)

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