Stashbusting…. ??????

NOT! as the case is here.  I can’t remember the last time I had “useage” to report.  I’m working on several things — just not finishing several things.  One of these days!! Yes really eventually I’ll have something to report — or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.  Right now, due to the injury to my sewing machine pedal fot, I can’t really sit and stitch much but I may clean off  the sewing table today so I can get a quilt layered tomorrow and ready to start quilting.  Even though I was in the LQS/knitting shop Friday night – I only came out with a knitting needle I needed and no fabric — didn’t even look at fabric.

So let’s just move on to knitting since I’m making more progress there.

This is the yarn I blogged about in the 12 in 2012  blog update for the end of August, posted yesterday – you know (if you read that post) the one I bought two of so I could use one as a giveaway to a 12 in 2012 participant that I’ll pick a random winner for tomorrow from the comments on that post. 😉

The small hank in the middle is the coordinate for the heels and toes.

Here it is wound and ready to go.

And then how it looks knit up in the sock I started on last night — another from the Tesserae pattern that I’ve now made several pairs from.  I only have to look at how many stitches to cast on and then I don’t have to bother to look at the pattern anymore.  As I’ve said many times before – just love this pattern.

Now to see what trouble I can get myself into today. 🙂


4 comments on “Stashbusting…. ??????

  1. It is a very nice pattern I love it too.
    And a lovely colour too, I don’t have time to kniting now, a new SAL is started to cross stitching and also I have my hooked things.
    I want first finished some of that and than I will start other favorite creatives.
    Lots of succes from here the Netherlands

  2. Denise have you ever tried using your left foot as your sewing foot? I find that when I use the left foot I have less muscle tension in my neck and shoulder (alwys the right side). Hope you get back to sewing soon.

    • My left foot does not pay close enough attention to sew with — it tends to forget to let up on the pedal. LOL

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