Batik Life Saver Block Swap

I just emailed the block pattern instructions for this swap block to all those who have signed up as of today’s date.  Please check your email for it. If you don’t see it, check your spam or junk mail.

There’s about a dozen swappers to far.  Sign ups will be open until I decide there’s too many swappers. 🙂  Go to the button in the sidebar to file the rules and in the rules you’ll find out what you need to do to sign up.   These are going to be some very easy blocks to make.


Bloomin’ Basket Swap update

Bloomin’ Basket swappers — do you have your packages in the mail yet?  The last day to mail your swap packages is next Wednesday, September 5.

Several packages were in my mailbox last night so I’ll update the swap page once I get today’s mail.  You can check on the swap page  later this weekend if you want to check to see if your blocks have been received by me yet.

Have you checked out the latest swap – the Batik Lifesavers?  Click the button in the sidebar for information on that swap and how you can sign up to participate in it.

CTS – The House In The Woods

 My last border block — House in the Woods — is now available.  It can be found by clicking the button for CTS in the sidebar and going to the bottom of that page to get the link just like you did for all my other patterns.

There will be no block on my blog in October but you still need to go to Judy, Sheryl and Susan’s blogs next month as usual to collect blocks froom them.

Come back to my blog in November for the final instructions to set this whole quilt together.

So how are you doing?  Are you caught up to date on this project and ready to get started on this month’s blocks?

I’m caught up through August and actually a bit ahead of schedule — I have one whole tree in the woods block already done! LOL  Also I have Susan’s September block already done and also her November block already done.


Here’s my version of Susan’s Christmas Cactus block for September.

12 in 2012 – Update as of August 31

My latest socks — hot of the needles just two days ago.

 So 12 in 2012 Challenge participants,  how are you doing on your socks?  It’s now September 1 – the start on month 9.  Do you have 8 pairs of socks done?

I just added this image to my 12 in 2012 page (click on the sock button in the sidebar to see all my socks finished to date) and this was my TWELFTH PAIR!

If you are playing along or have been following the posts on this challenge  – you know that friend Judy and I failed miserably on point #1 of the challenge — not to buy any more yarn. But as to some of the other challenge points, I’m doing great.  I have my 12th pair done so any more I get done (and there should be more) wil be bonus above and beyond the challenge — I will have a dozen brand new lovely socks to wear when the weather turns colder!  And the other part of the challenge — different patterns and techniques — I have definitely done that.

Now first the specifics on these socks — the pattern is from the Soctopus book and you know I love that book and have made other patterns from it.  This one was Om Shanti.  It says is a “bed sock” pattern — I think that’s why it had a shorter cuff.  I won’t be wearing socks to bed EVER but I liked the textured stitch pattern (and I don’t like tall cuffs anyway) and it’s a toe up sock – my first pair of toe ups.  So I learned many things –like how to do a provisional cast on toe — easy peasy.  I didn’t alter the number of stitches like I ususally would — this pattern is made on larger needle size than I usually use for “regular vs. bed socks” but I wanted to make everything as is on the first toe ups to see how they turned out.  These are actually a bit tight over the ankle as I put them on since they use the same number of stitches all the way from foot to cuff.   So I know what types of things I want to look for when looking for another toe up pattern.  This pattern stitch I could easily adapt to any top down sock pattern too so I may use it in another one — it helps stop pooling of the yarn.  The yarn itself I think was Everlasting but I can’t remember the color and the label has disappeared.

And just to prove that I have failed at point #1 of the challenge —  a box with this sticker arrived this week.  For those of you who shop at The Loopy Ewe — you will recognize it as a “box of fun” from that shop.

and it was a box of fun!

The two hanks that are alike on the left are lace weight. I’ve been wanting to make someting soft and airy — maybe a scarf that I can wrap around several times to add color to some dark winter sweater — who knows  — I’m still looking at patterns to decide what I want to make out of it. It’s Tencel and is very soft.

The one in the middle – a Lorna’s Laces sock yarn called Ashburn.  And the one on the right is by the Alpaca Yarn Company, color Promise of Spring, and it’s made exclusively for TLE.  It’s a Paca-Peds which means it contains 100 g. superwash alpaca and then there’s 25 g. of a coordinating hank for heels and toes.  I may use that one next because I’m interested to see how the green to white to aqua shades look when knit.  AND, I bought an extra one of those as a give away to those participating in the 12 in 2012 challenge.

SO CALLING ALL YOU 12 IN 2012 SOCK CHALLENGE PARTICIPANTS, in order to be eligible for entry in the random drawing to win a Promise of Spring, leave a comment on this post telling me how many pairs of socks you have made so far this year and how you are doing with the other points in the challenge rules.  If you have a blog with a photo of your latest sock finish or sock in progress — please post a link to it in your comment so we can all check it out!

I will be closing the 12 in 2012 giveaway at some random point later this weekend and announce a winner.  Now I need to update my running tally of how may yards of yarn I have knit so far this year — I’ve got a couple projects to add in since it’s all kniting yardage — not just sock yardage.