It ain’t pretty being purple

I looked at my leg today and hmmmmm purple is not a great color on a leg.  Keep in mind, I don’t have any idea how the side of my leg turned such a lovely color since if you ask me I really landed on my knee, which also has lovely shades of purple.  But it’s feeling a little better every day.


So from purple to


 I’ve made good progresss on the Greta that I started on Friday but I’m thinking I may rip it back and start again.  While I think it would fit okay the way it is, I think I’d actually like it a bit large across the back/upper shoulder area.  It sort of hangs from there.  Now the problem is — and I think it’s a problem anyway – the yardage of the yarn just doesn’t seem right.  I need to go back and check again but I thought I got gauge.  But I’m just starting my third hank of yarn, have two more which should be plenty.  I know it will block a bit larger but  I like it because it’s a long vest but I just don’t see this ending up the length I’d like.  I bought all of this color the shop I bought it at had and it was being discontinued at that shop so I’m trying to decide if I take the chance of getting more from a different shop and hope the colors look close,  add a different color in but not sure I want to do that since I really like the simplicity of the pattern.  Dilemmas dilemmas.  I may just start over with the next size up and knit until I run out of yarn and see where I’m at.  This yarn is so perfect for this vest tho – just the right drape for the pattern that if I ever get one done, I may need to make another.  I will warn you if you think about making this vest  — is it boring. Meaning it has very simple instructions, once the yoke is done you just do the same thing over and over — but that makes it a great project to pick up when you don’t want to think about anything (or when you do have something else you’re thinking about and don’t want to concentrate on pattern instructions).     Well I’m off to start ripping mine apart so I can start over — four days of knitting down the drain but I’ll be much happier if I change it.