Bumps and Bruises and a block swap update

Thanks for all the well wishes after my taking a dive on the pavement.  While lovely bruises are starting to appear this morning, my knee is more bendy today and feels much better.  I have a finger that’s sore and one arm feels a bit stiff but heck I’m better off this morning than I thought I’d be after taking that fall so I’m not complaining — except for I’m a bit bored from sitting and knitting and not doing much else.  Okay – there were a couple naps and the time it took me to get up, toss one ice pack in the freezer, pull the other one out, hobble back and get resituated — that took a while. 🙂  But walked out to the mailboxes at the other end of the complex this morning and other than having to go down the steps one at a time, it felt pretty good.  But I’ll be taking it easy the rest of the weekend.

An update on the Bloomin’ Basket swap — packages are starting to arrive.  I’ve been piling them all in a box – waiting to open them later so I can ooh and aah over them all at once — but if you are waiting to see if your package has arrived,  click on the button in the left sidebar for the swap.  I just updated the page today with the packages I have received as of this morning.  I’ll update it every other day or so, so check back there if you are waiting to hear that your package has arrived.

Hopefully my knee will cooperate and  I can get back in the sewing room and get a few more of my own blocks done next week.