On the Needles Friday 8/24/12

On my needles – newly started earlier today is Greta.  It was going to be one of my Camp Loopy projects but I didn’t get drapey enough yarn so put the pattern aside until I got different yarn.

It will be very orange – but I like orange — well acutally the color is Tangerine.  The yarn is Asland Trends Royal Alpaca and is so incredibly soft and will give the drape the pattern needs.

Now why did I start this earlier today – Friday – when I should have been at work. No I’m not playing hookey – I  am playing wounded!  I was nearly safe inside the office when I tripped on a square stone tile out front.  The annoying thing is I’ve tripped on it before – but have managed not to fall.  It’s not like it’s heaved a lot higher than the others but cleary enough that I’ve caught my shoe on it more than once — I’m going to have to change the pattern of where I walk in the front door.

Sooo….. in a feat worth of America’s Funniest Home Videos — I tripped, took three giant steps foward as I tried to catch my balance, thought YIKES I’m going to hit head first on that glass door, managed to sort of get my head turned so my shoulder nudged the door but got my hands down to stop most of my forward momentum by then.  Course my knee took a major beating as it hit the pavement and then just to add insult to injury, I had — the key word being HAD — a full tall latte in my hand which as it hit the ground, the lid popped up, the latte soaked the whole left side of me from my glasses down and yes, since I haven’t taken a shower yet – I have some stiff sticky hair on that side of my head!   So, when I picked myself up, I hobbled into the office, past the HR office telling her I’m here, I’m going home, sat down at my desk to send an email to the bosses of what happened and I was going home to put my leg up and ice my knee – one boss went and retrieved an ice pack from the first aide cabinet so I had that for the ride home.  And what a perfectly good waste of a latte! LOL

So I needed something to keep me busy as I sit, putting the ice bag on my knee, putting it back in the freezer — repeat, repeat, repeat.  It’s swollen, it’s going to have one horrendous bruise, but I think it’s sore from the impact and being swollen and not from other major damage — time will tell.

But so much for my sitting and sewing this weekend –I’ll be sitting and knitting with my leg up and a cold pack on it.  But it could have been worse!



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  1. I read your post of today before reading this one…I’m glad you’re on the mend, but I definitely think you need a few extra days off work! Take care!

  2. If your pains don’t go away, Denise, see your doctor. It does sound like you are doing all the right things though.
    I started taking a class in tai chi at our Y for better balance. It seems we women as we age have trouble with balance. I know the class has helped lots. I can actually catch myself before I fall and that wasn’t the case before. You just might consider something like that.

  3. Denise ~

    get well soon! I have done similar, less than stellar acrobatic/artistic/graceful trips & falls but fortunately sans the latte. My new workmates kid me about my coffee as I usually walk in with the end of a latte that I made at home (it’s about an hour’s drive) and drink at least one more cup before I go out on the floor. I would be heartbroken if I dropped a perfectly innocent & good latte due to a trip…LOL

    • Thanks Kate –I always hit the coffee shop which is strategically located between where I get off the bus and the office and sadly I only had a sip or two before my flying leap. LOL

  4. Ouch, ouch, and double ouch! Yes, ice, rest, and knitting (and a free hot latte from somewhere 😉 ) sound like the best therapy of all. Take care of yourself!

  5. Oh Dear! Sorry about your knee-my whole body is quivering for you and too bad about the latte. Hope your pride is ok…….I know mine would be damaged forever! I bet you have that vest almost finished before the weekend is over.

    Ice, elevate and knit.

    • If you’ve taken as many nose dives as I have — partly due to being a klutz which I fully admit, and partly due to eye issues causing lack of depth perception — worrying about the pride just isn’t worth it – only concern is have I done any permanent damage. Was the bus waiting on the street in front of the building full of people who saw me fall — hmmmm… possibly but I didn’t bother to look cause I didn’t really want to know. LOL

  6. Oh, I am so sorry. I bet you will feel even more bruised and sore tomorrow. Take care. Ice and elevate. And knit, of course.

  7. Sorry to hear of your accident. Keep it elevated, iced and stay off it as much as possible. Could be a good opportunity to design a few more quilts. Take care!!!

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