Stashbusting Report 8/19/12

Woo hooo  – a whole yard and a half can be added on to the stashbusting report this week. LOL  A bunch of Bloomin’ Basket Swap blocks were made so that’s where that yardage was used.  There was more sewing, but as usual nothing finished for me to count it yet.  One of these days I hope I’ll actually get some of the projects finished so there’s a increase in the stashbusting report.  A girl can dream!

Here’s the Bloomin’ Baskets so far.  The four on the left I made this morning.


And here’s the residual effect on my floor.

  I am definitely NOT a tidy paper piecer so just decided to let all the paper trimmings, fabric trimmings and threads pile up on the floor until I was done.  Next task – to go get rid of that pile.


I also finished off my first toe up sock last night.  And as you can see, made good progress starting on the second one which has a couple inches of the toe done.

I do like the toe up but need to look at some other patterns to see how they are done.  I like the provisional crochet cast on but would prefer stockinette stitch toe rather than garter but not sure that will work with the wrap and turn toe shaping.    This pair has no difference in number of stitches between the main part of the foot and the ankle/cuff area.  The foot is fine since the bottom is stockinette stitch which lets the sock stretch but after the heel is done, it’s all the pattern stitch which has virtually no stretch to it.  Therefore – it’s a bit trickey to slide the cuff area over the heel but I can.   I need a sock that increases in stitches over the ankle/cuff or is more stretchy.  I actually made these a tad bit longer than I needed and the cuff shorter since I knew it wouldn’t be stretchy so easier to get on if it’s shorter.  But they’ll be great for padding around the house in and I’ll be looking at some other toe up socks to get some other ideas on adjustments that can be made.

Know of a good simple toe up sock pattern you care to share — NOT made on circulars?



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  1. I love the baskets- Will have to add them to my list of to do’s. But ohhhh- I want the little scraps for my scrimpy scraps blocks.

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