A gorgeous day … finally

The heat wave here has hopefully finally ended.  It’s in the 70’s, sunny with a little breeze — I turned off the air and threw open the windows and door.  Yes — this is the weather that I love.

I’ll be headed into the sewing room shortly to get to work.  Several projects waiting — more CTS blocks to make and Bloomin Basket Blocks to make for the swap.  Do you have your swap blocks started?  done? somewhere in the middle?

I got a couple inches on the Om Shanti (Socktopus book) sock done.  I did try it on before working on the cuff and I was amazed that it fit – it had just looked to skinny around the  circumference of the foot.  I need to try it on again tho now that I have some of the cuff done since I hate socks that are tight around my fat ankles.

More coffee, maybe some breakfast, and then off to the sewing room…….


4 comments on “A gorgeous day … finally

  1. 14 blocks done! That is what I promised to do with the “or more” caveat, but I stopped. Too many other things calling me! So I have the 14 for the swap and 14 identical blocks for me. I’ll mail them this week! Lovely socks!

  2. My Bloomin Basket blocks are done….just waiting for Monday to put them in the mail! Rainy rainy day here in Stonington CT… and 64 degrees…which is lovely. Michele D

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