On the Needles Friday, August 17

What’s on the needles? Glad you asked — lots of stuff.  Now if I could just get some of them OFF the needles.

  This is my Stephen West Rockefeller KAL.  I’ve fallen way behind since I was working on Camp Loopy stuff but I hadn’t really planned to get it done by the deadline – there’s prizes being drawn from among those that finish by a date later this month but I’m not really going to worry about that.  I’m sure I’ll run out of the Zauberball Crazy Socks yarn (the bright crazy one of course) so just ordered another ball of that which should arrive Monday.  I’m working on the I-cord bind off along the lower edge — which takes FOREVER! but I’m getting there.  Then it’s on to the last clue.  I’ve, of course, peaked ahead at all the lovely finished projects on Ravelry from this pattern so it’s no longer a mystery to me how it ends up.  I think it’s going to look great with my bright red wool coat.

My last Camp Loopy project is done, Scalene, and still needs to be blocked — this weekend — so I can get the final photo loaded before the deadline the end of this month, too.

Then I pulled out an old pair of socks I had started a while ago and knit a bit on them.  This was after I discovered that my Honey Dew socks had a major mishap.  I had dopped stitches off the needle while toting it around and with all the slipped loops in that one and the fact that the stitches had ripped back several rows, I had to totally rip it all out.  There was no way I could figure out how to carry those stitches back up the rows in that pattern.  DRAT!!  The yarn I was using was going to be a bit tight on yardage so I think I’ll try them with some different yarn at a later date that has more yardage to it.  So the plain jane’s got a bit of stitching while I stewed about messing up the Honey Dew socks. 🙂

But then I started flipping through my Socktopus sock book (yes, I’ve told you before I love this book) and came across a pattern I wanted to try.  In keeping with my idea for the 12 in 2012 socks, one of the things I wanted to do was try some different techniques/patterns.   This one was toe up.  I’ve never done a toe up pattern.

It’s the Om Shanti pattern – which said it was designed as a bed sock so the pattern has a shorter cuff on it.  Well I don’t wear bed socks – ick – I absolutely cannot sleep with socks on – but I can always adjust the cuff.  So I decided to give them a shot and as you can see, I’m doing well.  There was a provisional cast on to do the toe and shape it with wrapped stitches and once that was knit, you’re ready to fly along the foot.

I’ve just turned the heel here and am starting up the cuff.  I was more interested in seeing “if” I could do them than paying attention to the number of stitches used.  The needle size is a bit larger than I normally use but the number of stitches  are a good number less.  And it’s not real stretchy due to the stitch pattern (which I really like – a simple to memorize stitch that gives a bit of texture and helps stop any pooling) so I need to see if I can try these on.  I think I’ll be ripping them out tho and starting over since I think these will be too tight around but even so, not a big deal.  I now understand how the toe up on this pattern works so I can adjust to more stitches go get the fit I want.  I’m not sure I like the garter stitch toe but will think on that a bit.

So hop on over to http://www.patchworktimes.com/ to see what others have on their needles today.


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    • These are turning out pretty good except there’s no increase in the number of stitches between foot circumference and ankle/cuff. It’s okay on the foot since the bottom is stockinette stitch which makes it more stretchy but the texture stitch pattern doesn’t stretch so a bit tricky to get over the ankle. I can get them on and these will be more for just padding around the house in and not as socks for in shoes since I made the cuff even shorter than the original pattern so it was easier to get them on. I’ll have to look at some other toe up patterns to see how increases are incorporated.

  1. I would have agreed w you on the bed socks until menopause and sleepless nights. surprisingly women sleep better w warmer feet and socl do the trick better than my DHs back!!!

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