Sunday Doings

Let’s just get it over with — the stashbusting report — heck it has been the same I swear for months.  Too many projects in progress and none of them to the finished top stage where I add in the yardage.  I so need to get a couple quilted but haven’t gotten around to that yet either.  Camp Loopy and the KAL I did cut even more into my sewing time the past couple months so hopefully how that I’m nearly finished I’ll get more time in the sewing room.

A little of this and a little of that so far today but nothing much to show for my accomplishments except I did get my newest pattern for Hoffman Fabrics written up and sent on it’s way.

Now to see what else needs to be done around here – like  laundry and lunch and balancing the checkbook.  Yes – excitement abounds here.

 Here’s my CTS poinsettia block designed by Sheryl.  Finished that off yesterday.  So now I have Judy’s block for August to make and those additional four Business District blocks due to my miscount (see CTS page or errata page for correction – you need 12 rather than 8 of that block).  So far so good keeping caught up as we go along.

But I’m way behind in getting my Bloomin Basket swap blocks done so I will be working on those this week.

Here’s sort of how my CTS quilt is looking so far – I pluged the photo images of my blocks into the layout.


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  1. yeah that’s about where I am…. too many projects and not enough time. nothing finished. soon I hope. I’d like to see the top of my sewing table. Looks like a hurricaine was in there.

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