Happy Saturday

Whew! I was able to throw open the windows and turn off the air conditioning which has been running nonstop for more days than I can remember.  It’s a lovely, sunny, NOT HUMID, currently 72 degree day and we’re only supposed to get another 7 or so degrees warmer.  What a difference not to be 90 or above with 60% humidity or more.

So after sipping some coffee and knitting a little while on the Mystery KAL – which is no longer a mystery since all clues have been given but I’m a bit behind. I’ve got just a row or two left on the third clue and then the fourth and final clue to do.  I need to order some more yarn since I’m pretty darn sure I’m going to run out of the zauberball I’m using so need to remember to do that today — oh the hardship to have to order more yarn! LOL  Speaking of which, I was in the Sow’s Ear last night and of course came home with a “bit” of yarn.  A ball of Opal and then two other hanks of sock yarn made by Holiday Yarns. I’ve never heard of them or tried them before but two hanks caught my eye.  It’s a superwash/nylon blend, one color called Embers – you can probably figure out which one from the photo – had lovely shades of gray and rust in it and the red/white/blue (it’s color name is “Dave”) don’t know who Dave is but it will be interesting to see if it stripes or how it looks with those three colors.

Okay – the batteries in my mouse have died and I’ve searched all the battery hiding places to find nothing but dead batteries so I’m going end this since I simply can’t operate with the mouse. LOL  Why couldn’t that have happened earlier this morning BEFORE I ran to the store?


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  1. we too are expierencing some really cooler weather. I love it too. I’ve been slowly knitting my way through a pair of socks that I started last yr…. maybe I’ll get done w them so that i can wear them

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