CTS – The Business District – Correction

Where were Sheryl, Judy and Susan when they should have been paying attention to what I was doing and letting me know I was running amuck???

I was working on my Business District blocks, thought I had them all done, and was trying to decide, to I want the smaller building on the right in all  the blocks? On the left in some of them?  And if so, how many of them?  So I pulled up the EQ drawing and realized I hadn’t made enough.

There are 8 manor house blocks and there are 8 blocks with houses for next month, but there are 12, not 8 as I stated in the instructions, Business District blocks.  I’ve added the correct below the link for the pattern on the CTS PAGE and I’ve added the correction to the Errata Page on my blog so if you are playing along with the four of us and you thought you had all your Business District Blocks done — sorry.  Like me, you need to cut out and stitch four more!


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  1. LOL! Lucky these are fun and easy blocks to make! This quilt is going to be great! Even with my “Scrappy Look” fabrics! I still have several combinations of fabrics to try. I’m making each of them unique and different!

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