Year of Wallhangings – August revisited

 Well I haven’t been abducted by aliens – just a busy week – but finally had a chance to go back and try to fix this post since wordpress saw fit to glitch when I did the original post and deleted the photo and text.

Sabine from German sent me this photo of her version of the Year of Wallhangings August project last year that she made.  It turned out wonderful and will be so bright and sunny whereever she hangs it.

Thanks for sharing Sabine!

You can see more of last year’s Year of Wallhangings designs made by blog readers by finding the page for the Year of Wallhangings in the PAGES list in the left sidebar.

Now hopefully this time when I hit the publish button the photo and text will not disappear!

It’s been a busy week and I think I’ll relax and knit for a while.  I went out for dinner with a friend and the restaurant was only a couple blocks from The Sow’s Ear (knit shop and cofee shop combined) so I just might have coerced my friend to stop there, we just might have gone inside.  I’m not sayin I bought yarn but if yarn should appear in a photo I post tomorrow it’s probably just cause the fairiest left it and not cause I went shopping!! (They are open until 8 p.m. on Friday nights and the front coffee shop probably had 8 or 10 knitters happily knitting and chatting away working on all kinds of projects.  Too bad they are not closer to me (or maybe that’s a good thing!).


A bit of this, a bit of that, and a bit of applique

First the stashbusting report – nothing new to report.  The design wall is full of projects but they are all still in progress so I won’t add them in until they are at least to completed top stage.

 But there was some stash enhancement — the additional wide backing fabrics I bought arrived.  I now have these four plus two others I bought, so no excuse not to get some of those projects layered since there’s batting for at least one if not more projects waiting in the closet.

My Camp Loopy project is finished!  All three camp projects are now done.  I just need to block this one bury a few ends, and get a photo loaded to the Camp Loopy albums.  If you’re a knitter, check out the photo albums at The Loopy Ewe.  They have separate ones for all the camp projects, their quarterly challenge projects, socks, etc.  Lots of great projects to look at.

After finishing my Loopy project, I cut out the pieces for Sheryl’s  July block for Christmas Town Sampler.  I got that one all appliqued last night and here it is.

   I had made Susan’s  Bell block earlier in the month so that one was already done.

  So now I just have to figure out what fabrics I want to use for Judy’s August block  and Sheryl’s August block and finish the rest of my Business District blocks — I only have one made.    I’m thinking my Business District will have two different blocks colors – one colored the way I did my tester block, and then another with a black building and a gray building — sort of a bit of calm (at least colorwise) between all my bright houses.  I’m also thinking I may do Sheryl’s poinsettia block in something other than “traditional” poinsettia colors — maybe shades of blue – it would look like a frosty blue flower in the fabrics I have. 


Do you realize you have half the patterns already?  Here’s what mine looks like so far plugging in photos of my actual blocks (except for Judy’s and Sheryl’s August blocks which I haven’t stitched yet, and using just one coloring of my Business District.

  Now I have to get more coffee and decide what I’m going to tackle today.