Sewing mess conquered

While cleaning the sewing room, I pulled the stained glass table runner out to finish since it just needed the circles appliqued.  They’re all attached now so I can add it to the “to be quilted” pile which is every growing.

I nearly have the sewing room back in order.  Did a bit more straightening this morning and have a few more things to find a home for but overall, things are much tidier and looking good.

 I think that wall behind the tv is in need of a quilt and I’ve got a wooden shelf with a quilt rod on it in the back of the closet so will have to pull that out and put it up.   The treadmill still needs to be moved out but of course I need to rearrange some furniture in another room for it’s new home and I’m not to sure I’m in the mood to work that hard today. 🙂

Speaking of the “to be quilted pile” most people have a coat closet — mine, while it does have a coat or two in it — does double duty.  Doesn’t everyone have a “Quilt Closet”??

Of the four storage tubs, two are completely filled with tops that are just waiting to be quilted in addition to the tops in the Quilts from the Crate and those that are hanging on hangers in the closet.

The other two containers  might have  a top or two in them but mostly they are swap blocks (a whole lot of swap blocks on various themes) and a few other projects in the progress.  The dark tote on the top has fabric in it – yep a bunch of civil war repos I forgot I had and never made it to the stash since they are fat quaters or less that I’ve been trying to use up in various projects.  I need to dig through those and straighten them up but not today.   I need to do some serious machine quilting!


8 comments on “Sewing mess conquered

  1. Yes I have a quilt closet too. The few extra formal clothes I have take up one portion while my quilting goodies take up the rest. My quilting gear even pretends to be clothing with some of my stash stored in bags that I have hanging on coat hangers. I’d hate us to be wasting perfectly good storage space 🙂

  2. Love that stained glass top. It seems to me that the way you used the closet shelves storage works so much better this way than that other shelving unit that was in there. You still have ample room to slip the quilt tops waiting for quilting on the rod, yet hide the “busier” shelves behind doors. With the lower shelf unit looking manageable with the TV unit on it with in the sewing room. It really looks good.
    PS: I will be away tomorrow so I wish you the best birthday evah…a bit early.

  3. Love the stained glass quilt! We took the closet out of my quilting room as I seemed to keep it crammed to the top and I would forget what was in there……….now I have more room but have to keep it a little neater.

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