On the Needles Friday – July 27

At Midnight this a.m., Camp Loopy 3 project got started and since I was still up — I got started on it.  And I actually got started on it twice!  I’m making Scalene and was going to make the striped version.  But clearly you need to carry the yarn up the asymetrical edge much more loosely than I was because that edge was not laying as smoothly as the other.  So I ripped out the rows I had done and decided to make the other version, with just two blocks of colors in it.  Actually I think my yarn will look much better that way – the richness of the color of the yarn was sort of lost in alternating stripes but larger sections of the colors will be really pretty I think.

  It’s super simple, no brainer knitting right now.

Today was the day for revealing the next clue on the Stephen West KAL – Rockefeller.  I’ve got that downloaded and am ready to get started on the next clue for that also.  I wasn’t so sure I liked what I’d knit so far but I do like the look of the next clue — yes I peaked at the spoiler pages to see what those really speedy knitters had posted photos of so far.  I’ve now figured out (I believe) how it got the name Rockefeller but will have to wait and see if I’m right.  I’m using short circular needles so can’t get a good photo of it right now spread out so you can see the design.

There are of course socks on the needles too but they’ll have to wait until Camp Loopy is completed. 🙂


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  1. This is going to be gorgeous! Umm, I consider you to be super speedy. Those other knitters are like lightening! I peeked at the spoiler page too. I like it.

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