It’s 12:01 a.m. on July 28 —

Do you know what that means??  Happy birthday to meeeee!!!  I got a very fun card my sister sent me.  The front said “We used to wear birthday crowns with our age printed on them….     and on the inside…..    Yeah we wised up to that shit pretty quick.

ROFLOL She also sent me this adorable gourd birdhouse

I know she had a bumper gourd crop this year so I’m sure she made it herself and drew the spool of thread and needle on it.  There’s a hook in the ceiling by the window in my sewing room so I’ve got it hanging up there.  It’s right next to the ceiling vent so when the air is on it swings slightly like it’s swinging in the breeze.

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  1. Have a wonderful Birthday, allow yourself to receive the pleasures that you meet up with everyday. Luv ya


    Mine was the 14th and I celebrated in Las Vegas (it’s only 1 1/2 hrs from my house).

    Have a wonderful day. 🎂🌵

    • thank you but there are those who probably would thing that my being a “lot wiser” is totally debatable. LOL

  3. Happy Birthday Denise! Love the gourd birdhouse! I grew some of those for the first time this year, so need to pick them and dry them out now.

  4. Happy Birthday to you. You need to get out and go do something fun. Just do it. Your sewing and quilting can wait. It’s your day. You deserve to be pampered. Enjoy the moments.

  5. A very Happy Birthday! I so appreciate all the freebies you give to us – looking forward to making this – one DGD loves butterflies!

  6. HAPPY QUILTY, KNITTY BIRTHDAY! I hope you enjoy your day. Love the card. Wish I had a sister with that sense of humor.

  7. Are you sure it’s a breeze making it swing? My mothers always said that when our chandelier was moving it was because the fairies were playing on it. I’m pretty sure she was right, so you might want to check it out.
    Happy birthday!

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