Change of Plans

A girl’s entitled to change her mind, right?  LOL  I decided to change the free birthday pattern I’ll be posting on the blog to just a single butterfly – Flitterin’.

  So here’s what it will look like.  It will end up being about a 30″ wallhanging.  I’ve got my butterfly made and just have to make my borders yet and applique the peony in the corner.  I think that will be today’s project among other things tho I’m off to a slow start puttering around this morning.

Backing fabric for a quilt is in the washer, banana muffins have just come out of the over and are cooling, and I’ve got some quiche in the oven warming up so after some brunch, time to get sewing. 

But tell me, why is it every time I take a week off and spend it around the apartment, there’s some maintenance repair going on at the apartment building.  Once, they were putting on a new roof, another time, landscaping outside my door, now it’s scraping and painting the deck above me.  I’m not really complaining — they do a fantastic job with quick and speedy maintenance (and maybe that means the neighbor upstairs has moved which wouldn’t be a bad thing) 😉  But it’s not quite as hot as it has been the last few weeks  so I was going to sit out at the patio table and drink my coffee.  I saw all the paint chips on my table and ground and started sweeping when some guy upstairs called down to tell me when he was done he’d be down with the shop vac to clean up the paint chips.  Yes, they are very tidy with all their work too but since I didn’t relish paint chips (or wet paint) possibly dripping on me and my coffee, another change of plans and I came back inside.  Maybe tomorrow morning…..

And don’t forget, if you use EQ you may want to check back on my birthday.  I’ve got a copy of the Fall Stash 2011 (it was a bargin when I bought Spring Stash 2012 so bought it specifically to use as a give away) that I’ll be giving that away to some lucky EQ user.