It’s a butterfly

Cut up those batiks and I’ve got one butterfly done.  It turned out quite nice and although there are a good number of pieces in each block, they are big blocks and the piecing is easy.   So far my plan to get several quilts layered and quilted this vacation has not come about but maybe tomorrow I’ll clear off the table and get one started….

  But but to that binding in the meantime since I hope to get that project off my list of to do things tonight!


I cooked!

I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks plus with the hot weather, I haven’t feel like cooking when I’ve walked in from my hot walk from the bus at night.  So it’s been quick meals that I haven’t had to do much too — and I can’t remember the last time I turned the oven on.

I woke up this morning hungry for quiche – not just any old quiche but asparagus, ham and swiss cheese.  YUM!  Did I have any of those ingredients here – of course not.  Not even enough eggs and no milk.  So I decided I’d have a cup of coffee and ignore that thought.  I picked up the bow tie quilt I had added the binding to a couple weeks ago and pinned that down and started hand stitching it. But by lunchtime I decided I really needed to make quiche.  So off to the store I went.

  It’s out of the oven and will be dinner tonight along with a crusty french roll and some fruit. I’m very glad that “someone” has finally decided to cook while I’m on vacation. LOL  Tomorrow morning I may tackle  some of those bananas in the freezer and make either muffins or banana bread or banana snack cake or….. there’s a lot of bananas in there!  But darn, I should have thought about picking up chocolate chips to go in the muffins.  

I finished the 2nd clue on the mystery KAL so I’m all ready for Friday when the next clue comes out.  It will be really interesting to see where this project goes next – right now, I’m not totally loving it but we’re only on clue 2 of 5 so a lot can still happen.

I stitched another block or two for CTS — but of course can’t show you those because they are blocks yet to be revealed in subsequent months. 🙂

And I pulled these fabrics

I’ve starting writing up the instructions for Flitterin’ Four and decided I want to make a one block wallhanging for me so those fabrics will be my background and butterfly. 

Time to head back into the sewing room.