Chugging along

on the train applique block finally!  I now have the caboose added – it’s only taken months for me to get back to this project.

So hopefully tonight I’ll get all the wheels attached and can get this top set together tomorrow.

Yesterday was spent mostly knitting – I’ve got about 12 rows or so left for clue 2 of the Rockefeller KAL mystery.  It still remains mysterious to me so we’ll see where we go when the next clues are released but I should be done before next Friday when the new clue comes out and if I have my dates correct – that’s the start of Camp Loopy 3 project also which I’m anxious to get started on.

Here’s Rockefeller so far

 And of course I spent a good part of yesterday drawing in EQ, deleting blocks, trying others….. about 4 p.m. I realized I still hadn’t gotten out of my pjs and decided there was no point in doing it that late in the day. 🙂  It was a very relaxing day of quilt drawing and knitting.  I really do need a maid to come make meals for me tho since I can’t be bothered to stop to cook.

Here’s a couple of the new designs I’m tweaking on


9 comments on “Chugging along

  1. I’m impressed with your EQ tweaks! Wow, I can barely open EQ, much less really create new designs.

    • Ah Kate – you just have to open that EQ and start playing around with it. It’s too much fun to have it and not use it. 🙂

  2. Very nice 🙂 I really love the colors in the shawl…maybe I could make that ??? I have started socks and then restarted socks and well you get the idea. I’ve made baby things, hats and blankies with knitting…but I am flumoxed on the sock…I think it has given me a complex…but the colors in the project you are doing are sooooo beautiful??? Oh well…back to quilting, I do pretty well with that…LOL

    • My first socks I restarted many many times — you just have to stick it out till you make it through one sock and then you’ll wonder why you were having a hard time with it.

  3. these look really fun . you have a very creative mind. I could get lost in making some of them, what a nice place to play

  4. First let me say I love your Blog, great work, I have been getting it for ages. I love all your work. About your Rockefeller KAL mystery, I wonder if this is it, if it is it will be beautiful, I pinned this a few days ago. By the way if you don’t want to see what it is please don’t look at the link.

    • No that one is very very different from what we are working on but it is very very pretty. The mystery won’t be found on the web since the pattern has not been made available anywhere yet except to those doing the KAL. And I don’t think anyone would be mean enough to do a steeked design as a mystery – I’m not ready to knit some thing and then cut it apart. LOL

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