How many colors in your box?

When you were young did you always covet the kid who had the hugest box of crayons — you know the one with the built in sharpener —  while you had the 25 or 30 crayons box?  :-)  All those pointly little tips lined up just waiting to be used, the waxy smell of a fresh box — I used to love to color.

Why the talk of crayons? Because I’ve been playing with them so to speak.  One of the prior borders on that starry quilt design I’ve been working on and changing over the past week or so was aptly pointed out by friend Janet that it looked like crayon points.  I really liked the border so decided it needed a quilt of it’s own.  I don’t know that I’m quite finished tweaking with this one yet, but it does have a name — this one told me it’s name as soon as I started working on it.

Coloring Outside the Lines”

   So far, today has started like yesterday.  It’s past lunch ime – I haven’t had anything but coffee so far so I’m starving, and I’m still in my pjs.  I was up very late working on the 2nd clue that came out for the Rockefeller KAL, worked on it a bit more this a.m. and then started playing in EQ again which of course whiles away the hours.  So time to get dressed, make some lunch and perhaps see what I can do about straightening up things around here.  I need to tidy the sewing room a bit before I start on a new project in there.  Or, I may just procrastinate and sit and knit instead!  It is vacation after all. :-)

13 comments on “How many colors in your box?

    • That’s my favorite too — I think there could be a shopping spree coming on – especially if I can find someplace that stocks that line of fabric. I really like the mottled look and the colors.

  1. Oh I just love the new crayon quilt. Will you be placing it as a free pattern? You get so much done!!

  2. Denise!

    I just LOVE this one!! I am all about really vibrant colour … This one presses all my buttons! It’s v clever!

    Deb from Australia. :-)

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