Lunchtime already?

I haven’t even had breakfast yet nor gotten dressed!  The perfect start to vacation. 🙂 Tho I just realized its lunchtime cause I was getting hungry – just coffee is not doing the trick!

But I haven’t been lazing entirely.  Got a few more rows done on the KAL mystery earlier this a.m. and have downloaded the next clue that came out today.

Then I was looking for an old EQ file I wanted to work on and have spent a couple hours playing in EQ after I finally found it.  And the upside of all that time playing….. I’ve decided which design will be used for my birthday pattern.

Since starting the blog I’ve always made a new pattern available for free on my birthday and this year will be no exception, so look for information on Flitterin’ Four  to be posted  July 28.

 I like this butterfly design and originally drew it  for a pattern for Hoffman California Fabrics but it ended up not working well for the fabric collection I was working on so it went to the  “do something with this someday” EQ folder.

Here’s another version of it colored in with asian style fabrics.

  And here’s another version….

 now time to get dressed and perhaps head to the grocery store – or do nothing at all (well that’s simply not me – too much I want to do) but ah the beauty of vacations with no schedule to follow. Doesn’t get much better.

Oh except I found out earlier this week that I will have a block in the next (Winter) edition of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks.  🙂



7 comments on “Lunchtime already?

  1. Enjoy your vacation I love the butterfly quilt you have made for your birthday. Have a great week

  2. You’ve done it again, Denise, another double consonant label, lol! Very nice, thank you very much for the birthday gift to us soon! Have a good vacation. Aren’t you going to a cabin this year?

    • LOL — I never even noticed the double consonants this time. No cabin this year – besides the past two years it’s been sweltering there and this year it would be even worse. No thank you — love my air conditioning!!! Now I have to go see what my final name was for that star design — I might have done it there too. VBG

  3. Just love it!!!!! Butterflies represent so much in life, how wonderful.
    Thank you so much for our birthday present. May you have many
    happy quilting days on vacation and enjoy your birthday.

  4. Denise… I am looking forward to the Flitterin’ Four. I’m thinking it would be nice as a medallion in a large quilt for my new queen size bed. I could make a round-robin type of quilt using other butterfly patterns, too.
    Thanks so much, in advance, for your generosity and talents. I really appreciate it.
    Gentle Hugs, Linda Lowers
    When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

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