A little of this.. a little of that..and Rockefeller spoiler!

Yes -that Rockefeller Spoiler means at the end of this blog post there is a photo of how far I am now on the Rockefeller Mystery KAL and if you are working on it too and don’t want to see what anyone else is making – then don’t scroll down?  Seriously — how could you not want to see how someone else’s is looking?  LOL  I know it’s a mystery but the mystery is we don’t know what the pattern will look like but we’ve all gotten the same first clue and I think it’s incredibly fun to see everyone’s color combinations.  The next clue comes out tomorrow and I’m not done with the first one yet so I need to get knitting.  Good thing I’m on vacation  NOW and all of next week. 🙂

In preparation for vacation – when I hope to get some quilt tops quilted – I ordered some wide backing fabric from BackSideFabrics.com.  I just happened upon their website as I was looking for backing fabric (trying to find a sale) and they were having a sale so found two different ones to order there.  I ordered the fabrics Sunday and they arrived today – just in time.  I really like the fabrics and would order from them again.

These are the two I got.  The red has little gold sort of swirls – they are metallic but very lightly done so they don’t look too glitzy – I really like the look of it.  The other may end up on the back of a christmas quilt — or maybe not — who knows.  I love green so there are lots of green quilts in the stash.  I’m hoping to really make a dent in stack waiting to be quilted and also ordered some wide backings  from Equilter. I was hoping they would be delivered today but no such luck not until next week  when I won’t be at the office to get them but then if I get one quilt quilted next week that will be good.

Rain – we FINALLY got some rain — deluge, lots of wind and lightening but we didnt’ get the hail so that was good — I was really hoping while I was on vacation I’d be able to sit out on the patio, sip my coffee, knit, work on some quilt designs, read a book …. but the temps are going to go back up (not that they really cooled off much) so I’ll be housebound I think.

Okay – finally my Rockefeller progress

Now to go see how many wedges I still need to finish before tomorrow.