Stashbusting Report 7/15/12

There’s fabric being used – not as much as I would like since I haven’t had a lot of sewing time (which I plan to remedy since I have a week of vacation coming up which will be filled with sewing and knitting and whatever else I feel like) but no yardage to add since all the items I’m working on are still in progress.   Check out Judy’s blog to see how the other stashbusters are doing.

I’ve still be playing around in EQ but I did manage to get the Hoffman Fabrics design written up first before I went back to playing with other designs that have no deadlines.

I think I have made my last revisions to this design – after about 5 of 6 various versions I liked – I think this one is the keeper (or at least until I play with it more to discover some other look I like). 🙂  (and yes – I know there are still some  portions miscolored which are much easier to notice when I switch it to a jpg so I can see what needs fixing).

Yesterday I was looking for my sock blockers when I was putting some knitting stuff away.  They always get stuck in some odd place – they don’t really have a home – and I don’t really use them to actually block socks – mostly  just to put the socks on to take a photos.  So once I found them I finally came up with a plan so I always know where they are.

They now decorate the wall next to the sewing room door and look quite bright and cheery there.  I can just grab them when I want them and then put them back when I’m done.   Excellent solution.  But I won’t place any bets about how many times I’ll walk right by them next time I need them forgetting I stuck them on the wall.  🙂


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  1. Do Love your design hope to see a pattern for it And the name you have come up with also Sew long and happy stitch- knitting Terry

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