Yet another version.. and I still haven’t settled on a name

But then it actually doesn’t need a name until I decide what version  actually is a keeper. 🙂

I started over and changed the way  some block sections are sewn to eliminate certain seams and make it look like there were full chain circles all the way to the edge of the quilt and switched the coloring to make them look like four pointed stars .  I think I may like this one better than my original version.  This may be the pattern I post for my birthday but still undecided since I’ve got a couple others waiting in the wings too.   I was supposed to be opening up EQ to write up a different pattern but didn’t get to that yet.  Guess that’s next on the agenda  since I need to get that sent off to Hoffman Fabrics and then I can go back to some knitting.


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13 comments on “Yet another version.. and I still haven’t settled on a name

  1. i just love any version of it, I want to make it in lap size, and I love the idea of different shades like in the darker veriosn. But I like them both-lol

  2. hello again. Looking at this design again, I would add colour to the beige-brown 4-patches and then it would be a circular effect. I would be ok with that.

    • I had a prior version colored in that way but didn’t like it as much. I like the more subtle circular design.

  3. I guess I’m different….I prefer the first posting (but did notice a few mistakes in the coloring)

    • Thanks Mary – that’s exactly what I like about it to – the way the color circle just glows a little among all the rest that is going on.

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