Honey Dew sock

A blog reader asked that I post a close up of the sock since she is making this matter too but having trouble figuring what the stitch should look like.  I don’t know that it shows up real well in my photo but it looks like a dew drop.

The double wrap on the knit –  when you get to the next row after that and drop a wrap  – makes the long stitch which stays long as you slip it in subsequent rows until you move to the row where the “dew drop” moves over a few stitches.


2 comments on “Honey Dew sock

  1. Thanks, Denise, for the closeup of the dewdrop stitch. It looks much more “jumbled” (is that the word that describes it? slightly disorganized?) ??? than my versions. Will go back to the needles and see what happens when I, once again, follow the instructions. Personally, I liked one of my versions better – a P ridge that has the “drop” falling from it, with a K st background. ;D Thanks again!

    • that’s just the close up that makes it look as you say “jumbled”. I was thinking the same thing when I looked at the photo – you can’t clearly see the rows of loops – but it’s tidy little tear drop shapes that come to rest on a purl row especially when slightly stretched (thoe photo is not) so you can really see the pattern as it will look when on.

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