Yet another version.. and I still haven’t settled on a name

But then it actually doesn’t need a name until I decide what version¬† actually is a keeper. ūüôā

I started over and changed the way¬†¬†some block sections are sewn¬†to eliminate certain seams and make it look like there were full chain circles all the way to the edge of the quilt and switched the coloring to make them look like four pointed stars .¬† I think I may like this one better than my original version.¬† This may¬†be the pattern I post for my birthday but still undecided since I’ve got a couple others waiting in the wings too.¬† ¬†I was supposed to be opening up EQ to write up a different pattern but didn’t get to that yet.¬† Guess that’s next on the agenda¬† since I need to get that sent off to Hoffman Fabrics and then I can go back to some knitting.


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Honey Dew sock

A blog reader asked that I post a close up of the sock since she is making this matter too but having trouble figuring what the stitch should look like.¬† I don’t know that it shows up real well in my photo but it looks like a dew drop.

The double¬†wrap on the knit – ¬†when you get to the next row after that¬†and drop a wrap¬† – makes the long stitch which stays long as you slip it in subsequent rows until you move to the row where the “dew drop” moves over a few stitches.

Rockefeller progress – spoiler

Got my yarn wound last night and got started on the first clue for this mystery knit along.¬† I’ve never done one before but since I love mystery quilts, what’s not to like about a mystery KAL.¬† It’s a Stephen West design (like my Spectra was) and I like his other designs tho haven’t made any others yet.¬† It’s a shawl.¬† It’s made with fingerweight yarn in two different colors that should really stand out from each other¬†— what more do you have to know. LOL¬† So below is the photo of what mine looks like so far — I’m loving it!


Rockefeller spoiler alert

I’m so loving my yarns together for the Stephen West Mystery KAL – Rockefeller.¬†¬†¬† I was just scrolling through the Ravelry spoiler board to see the color combinations others are using.¬† There will be some really pretty projects.¬† And I discovered that I can in fact post photos of my project in progress on the blog so if you are working on this project¬† and don’t want to see what mine looks like in case you aren’t as far along as I am,¬† I’ll be putting the Rockefeller name in the post titles where I have photos so you may want to not read those.

Mysteries are fun – but I so love seeing what everyone else is doing. LOL

Camp Loopy 2 finished

Here it is – my Camp Loopy 2 project all finished.¬† It’s the Infinitude Scarf by Jeni Chase on Ravelry.¬† I added about 80 more stitches to the lenght of it and made it wider so I can wrap it around my neck at least twice and pull it up in the back like a hood if the weather is really cold. It’s a bit bulky because of the worsted yarn I used but it will be oh so warm on those wickedly windy and¬†cold Wisconsin winter days.¬† The bottom photo¬† actually shows the yarn color much more true – a really pretty red with some darker shading – Lipstick Lava.