Name that tune……

or rather, name that quilt.  As I’ve said before, naming quilts – not my favorite thing.  Sometimes it comes easily – other times not so much.  I do have a name – actually two – in mind for this quilt I’m always interested to see what someone else would call a particular design.   It gives some insight into what people see when they look at the quilt design – many times quite the opposite of what I see when I look at it.

None of my plans for today have really materialized  because I opened up EQ (should have done all the other things first, I know) searching through disks of old designs – some I had totally forgotten I had ever started.  When I got tired of that I moved on to a design that I keep going back to and tweaking a bit on.  Now several hours later I’ve finally finished tweaking on a design  — at least for today. 🙂    Each time I open the file – I change a little here or there or undo something I changed last time in the hopes that at some point the design will tell me it’s “done.”   I “think” this one may be done – but I’ll have to stare at the printout of it for a while to decide for sure.

If you were going to name this quilt — what name would you give it?



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  1. Aurora Nights
    The color changes reminds me of the Aurora Borealis skies when we lived in AK.

  2. With the Storm at Sea piecing and the twinkle stars I thought of Stormy Stars. The lower right corner of each of the three stars is missing the browner patch in the four patch…but it’s just lovely.

  3. I would probably name it diamond starburst. In between the stars it looks like a diamond lying on its side.

  4. Well I like the lifesaver idea, and the star idea, lifesaver starburst?? naw…how about circle of stars..ya that is better I think…thinking on my seat as I go lol….good luck, whatever you choose, I like the quilt 🙂

  5. I love this quilt, too! Well duh! I can think of lots of color ways for it. I think I might name it “…wish upon a star…” Love the details in the piecing. Stared at it a long time. Hugs, Dian

  6. Love this quilt would make it for sure I would call it ring around the stars
    Sew long for now

  7. Another gorgeous quilt! I like the names others have suggested. I initially thought of Star Circles, too. The darker color of the center star seems to burst outward into the circle, reminding me of a Star Burst or Fire Works, too.

  8. I like the candy idea and I would name it “Cotton Candy Stars” Love all the colors. Or since I was eating ice cream, cause of all the heat ,” Sherbet all Around ” might be a good choice. I’m on a sugar high, so forgive me

  9. Circling Stars came to mind. Sorry to not blog. Love your designs and downloading CTS for the future. LOL Story of my life. Cris in WA

  10. I saw the circles in the background and then the stars match the circles so I like “circle of lights” jmho though. It was the first thing that came to mind…have a great day.

  11. Northern Lights, it is so bright with the different colors and the stars are so different that it looks like the Northern lights that are very rare to see but a sensational opportunity if you do get to see them.

  12. I would name it chain reaction, it just seems to be popping all over the place, very lovely.

  13. Crayon Box was the first thing that popped in my mind with all the color and shapes in the border.

  14. “Diamonds are a girls best friend”. When I looked at it I could see diamonds , diamonds and more diamonds.

  15. Circle of Stars……I like the other ideas, too! I have been captivated by your design….it’s spectacular! You’re amazing!

  16. I am not sure if you wanted this way but if you look on the lower right side of the 4 patch blocks it looks like you are missing your browns for the 4 patch corners the rest all have the 4 patch…great design wonderful colors though great boarder

    • now that I read all the other comments I see that someone else mentioned it…sorry for the double post…

  17. THIS IS ONE OF THE FEW PIECED QUILTS THAT i INSTANTLY LOVED! It is part “stars” and part “storm at sea”…and I suspect that it would really show up to be “stormier” if you worked with the colors more.

    I think it should be named: “COLOR-BURST STAR STORM”!

    it would also make a striking alternative colorway if the black was substituted for the white – and the umber color was changed to a striking small black/white checkerboard.

    I’d love to have a copy of the EQ file (6 if you have it) – and just might dig into my stash for this quilt!!! ;D (I usually do elaborate needle-turned applique – usually by hand, sometimes by machine).

    BTW – I really love your knitting stuff! You got me try knitting socks – though I usually do lace-stitch somethings. I really did like the lace top you were making – and so sorry you didn’t have enough yarn to finish it! It would have been gorgeous!

    If you like to do different lace stitches – and want to make something “useful” instead of wearable, I love to make afghans and bedcovers using cotton yarn. I start with a fancy panel of some sort for the center, then pick up sts around the outside edge to work in the round. At each corner, I do a “yo, k1, yo” to increase at the corners with a “hole” to delineate the 45 deg angle that will be formed.

    I then start knitting “strips” of 2-8″ width, working in the round: 1st strip is textured, next is a lace st – and I alternate the textured strip with the lace strip — using different sts that will “flow” together nicely – and making the lace more “holey” the further out I get from the center. It is a VERY INTERESTING way to make flatwork – and lets you try out all sorts of fun sts.

    When chosing a textured or lace pattern, you should consider the number of rows needed for the pattern, and the difficulty of the pattern. You do have to stop and mentally figure out how to keep the pattern going, as the piece increases – so the easier the better. I prefer to have alternating k or p rows – because the work goes faster. – but those with a little bit of “alternate” knitting (like k2, p4) goes quickly also.

    I like worsted weight cotton yarn – it is comfortable all year long – and I am working on a king-sized “bedcover” now – using 7″ wide strips – and I’m getting close to finishing it. About another 1-2 pound cones should do it! It is in a natural white – and with a plain darker color of bedspread under it, the knit pattern will show up beautifully.

    I hope you have fun in trying this, also!
    Best wishes,

    • I tried it with black previously but personally didn’t like it nearly as much but everyone has their own preference. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the socks – there’s lots of lacy sock pattenrs out there too. Eventually I’ll go back and make the lace vine vest I was working on — once I figure out how much longer I want to make it etc. after I get a few other projects out of the way. I can’t imagine working on a kind size bed cover – but then I’m not fond of making afghans these days (made a lot when I was younger) — prefer my quilts to snuggle under. I generally do needle turn too.

      Sorry the EQ file will not be made available for that quilt — I have plans for that pattern. 🙂

      • Thanks for your nice note. I had no plans to do a king-sized bed cover – at first – until I got used to the nice weight and warmth of a similar cotton yarn alternating lace stitch/texture strip afghan on top of a light-weight quilt – and decided it wasn’t big enough! Obviously, I only keep JUST the part I’m knitting on near my lap – the rest lays next to me and is rotated as needed – and I’m building some muscle, I can tell you! Best wishes – Linda G.

  18. Licorice all sorts like the first comment it is very much like candy I do love the design and just bought a storm at sea ruler that would make this up with no scrap!!

  19. I would name it “Radience”. My husband thinks it should be named ” Simon Says”

  20. When I first saw your quilt I thought of “Twinkling Stars”. That name fits. 🙂

  21. I don’t stress about naming quilts. For me, if a quilt is meant to have a great name it will come easily. I made a red, white and blue quilt for my 16 year old son, who was going through a rebellious phase (to put it mildly). I named his quilt ‘Give Me Liberty.’ I named a scrappy batik quilt ‘Wild Thing’. This was a gift for a new high school graduate who had given her mom a heck of a time her senior year.

    Usually I just call quilts something like ‘Kathryn’s Pink Quilt’ or ‘Scrappy Spider Web’, nothing too original, just descriptive.

    • I don’t name them if they are just for me nor do I label them — but if you’re selling the pattern, it has to have a name 🙂

  22. My first thought when I instantly looked at your design was “Circles of Love”.
    I think the scrappy look denotes the love in the circles. Just an instant idea.

  23. Captive Stars. Love it!

    PS…the blocks in the right side column…do they have a four-patch missing in the lower right quadrant?

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