Name that tune……

or rather, name that quilt.  As I’ve said before, naming quilts – not my favorite thing.  Sometimes it comes easily – other times not so much.  I do have a name – actually two – in mind for this quilt I’m always interested to see what someone else would call a particular design.   It gives some insight into what people see when they look at the quilt design – many times quite the opposite of what I see when I look at it.

None of my plans for today have really materialized  because I opened up EQ (should have done all the other things first, I know) searching through disks of old designs – some I had totally forgotten I had ever started.  When I got tired of that I moved on to a design that I keep going back to and tweaking a bit on.  Now several hours later I’ve finally finished tweaking on a design  — at least for today. 🙂    Each time I open the file – I change a little here or there or undo something I changed last time in the hopes that at some point the design will tell me it’s “done.”   I “think” this one may be done – but I’ll have to stare at the printout of it for a while to decide for sure.

If you were going to name this quilt — what name would you give it?



Today’s plan

There’s some cleaning to be done  – I may or may not get to that.  More importantly, I’ve got Judy’s CTS block to make, Sheryl’s to get the applique ready and I pulled out another applique project that has been lingering in the sewing room – the Child’s Play quilt.

It’s been waiting for me to finish the applique.  I think all the individual blocks are done except for the train at the top.  It needs it’s caboose and wheels and maybe another little piece or two and then I can finish setting it all together.  So I’ve pulled out the train, found it’s pieces, and hopefully by the end of the day will have it completed.

 So that’s today’s stitching agenda.  I also need to do some searching through some EQ files I have saved and never done anything with.  My birthday is coming up (July 28) and historically I’ve made a new free project available in connection with my birthday (clearly a glutton for punishment) so I may have to see if any of the designs I’ve  been playing with I want to use for that.  Haven’t decided if it will be a mystery project or not yet but will have to see what I can come up with.

And for you EQ users – an added bonus on my birthday – there will be a giveaway of “Stash Fall 2011”.  When I bought the latest Spring Stash, they had a too good to pass up deal to include the prior Fall Stash with it so I bought it to use as a give away.  More fabrics to play with in EQ!  So stay tuned for more upcoming fun.



It’s always amazing how whenever we offer a free project (Judy, Sheryl and Susan have all had the same experience because we commiserate about it) how there are always those who can’t seem to read the instructions to get the free pattern (yet hundreds of other people can — thank you!) and then they feel compelled to complain about it or tell us how we should run our own blogs.  It’s laughable, but extremely frustrating at the same time.  Yes – you can consider this a bit of a rant.

One of us had someone complain they couldn’t find the pattern — the complainer had been looking for the pattern all week — course she was looking earlier this week when the project hadn’t started yet.  Of course all four blogs have announced the start date long ago and repeated since then and it’s on all our project pages  but heck should we really expect someone to read that?

Another got a comments first thing in the morning asking where her pattern was since it wasn’t posted yet — remember we don’t have a specific time set to post. We are all busy ladies and our personal lives rule when we get on the computer – check back later rather than asking where it is.

Another complained her computer had blocked the domain where one of the files is saved for download.  Hmmm…. not our problem what someone else’s personal computer blocks or doesn’t block.

Then there was this one which I simply deleted rather than approving the comment to go through   “I did find the block but it was disconcerting to read older information before I finally found it at the end.

Seriously???  My blog post announcing the project yesterday said:   “And if you’ve now read this far, your reward is to hop on over to the sidebar, click on the image of the CTS  quilt, and you’ll find the link for The Manor House at the bottom of that page.  Links to my other three cohorts’ blogs are also on that page.”

If a person didn’t want to take the minute or two it takes to read the whole project page, that sentence above clearly tells them where to look for the block – bottom of the page.  Sigh…..

Now for those of you following along on this project — I personally put all info for a project on a project Page — the project page is different than a regular blog ppost.  It has a button to link to it in the left sidebar – the one with the picture of the CTS quilt on it.  Click that button, you go to the project page where all updated info will be added TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.  Or you can go to the list of PAGES in the sidebar, find the BOM pages -there are several – and click on the name of the current project.  It too will take you to the project page.

Why is the older info on that page — quilters will be discovering this project tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now and decide to join in at that time.  They will want/need that preliminary info that some of you have already read.  It’s much easier to go to a project page containing all info than having to find specific blog posts to find each part of a project and it SHOULD cut down on the number of questions/comments re “I can’t find it.”

I have turned off the Comments on this blog post — it’s my rant and it doesn’t need to be commented on on this post or on any other post so please don’t.  (I’ve turned off comments on topics in the past and some of you are just sneaky and leave your comment on a different blog post — please DON’T).  You can simply shake your head in amusement agreeing that people don’t take the time to read things anymore and want instant gratification or you can shake your head and think I’m just being a bit bitchy this morning – choice is yours.  I enjoying sharing free projects, as I’m sure the other ladies do too or we wouldn’t do it, but sometimes the hassles outweigh the fun of sharing.    But we truly appreciate those of you who read the information put forth on a free project and follow those directions and don’t fee compelled to tell us how to run our own blogs. 🙂

Denise – rant ended……..