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First, if you have been trying to get Judy’s pattern and have been unable to that’s because she has been having problems with her website and it is being migrated to a new service.  It will take a while – the pattern will be available for at least six months so the world will not come to an end if you can’t get her block downloaded today. 🙂  Your patience is appreciated – try again tomorrow or the next day (rather than emailing Judy to tell her you can’t get it – remember that’s one of those things I said will cause our heads to explode and exploded heads cannot come up with new FREE projects to share with you).

As to the mock up – I took my photo of all the blocks I have done so far that I posted earlier today, cropped out each individual house and saved them separately, imported the images into EQ (yes another fun way to use EQ — all four of us used it to design our blocks as well – but you can import images into it to make photo quilts or in this case – to see how the blocks I have made look in the layout).

I wanted to see how it looked with all my different colored houses spread around the border and it will help give me a visual as to how I have colors spread around the border so I don’t have all the blues clumped on one side, etc.

 So here’s what it looks like with my actual blocks popped into the layout.  My photos are a bit pale in comparison to what the fabric colors look like in person – it’s a much brighter quilt than it looks here.  But this will help me with choosing colors and spreading them around the quilt.  Right now the small house with tree and the two buildings — I just have one of each of those blocks done so I plugged them in all over.  In reality, some of the little houses may be different colors, trees will be different colors and some placement will be reversed in my finished project (like the tree to the right of the little purple house in some blocks or  the two buildings switched)  But right now I’m just looking to make sure that since I’m using a controlled scrappy group of fabrics, that the colors are nicely spread around.    (note to self – I have a section flipped the wrong way in that little house that I still need to rip apart and fix) LOL  I keep forgetting about that.

I never did get back in the sewing room this afternoon to start on Judy’s and Sheryl’s blocks but tomorrow is another day.  I’ve got some knitting to do!



5 comments on “CTS mock up

  1. Thank you for all the trouble you go to to enable us to have these wonderful patterns. I truly appreciate them. I would still be figuring if I had to do it on my own. I have Sheryl’s block made and have started the trees, I will start cutting out my village after that. This should be an awesome quilt.

  2. please can you tell me, where I can get the blocks? I can find nothing. thanks for your help an have a wonderful day
    mg. elfriede

    • This info is in the blog post announcing the project on 7/7/12 — “And if you’ve now read this far, your reward is to hop on over to the sidebar, click on the image of the CTS quilt, and you’ll find the link for The Manor House at the bottom of that page. Links to my other three cohorts’ blogs are also on that page.”

  3. Thank you for letting us know, I was unsure how long “limited time” meant and resigned myself to having missed out on Judy’s block, but I will breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you all so much for this exciting design!

  4. Your eq7 mock up with the houses looks great. I love my eq7 and I do the same thing to arrange my blocks etc.


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