CTS – The Manor House

The long wait is over! Time for the start of Christmas Town Sampler ~ a Collaboration Among Friends.

If you’ve been following the announcements on this project, you know that I designed the border blocks for this sampler quilt which we let you see ahead of time just as a teaser.  The first border block you will be making is The Manor House.  You need a total of eight of them — as you can see above I still have one more to go.

Remember this is part Block of the Month (since you’ll be collecting blocks each  month), part Mystery (since you have no idea what the sampler blocks in the middle of the quilt look like until each is unveiled each month), and part blog hop (because you have to go to Judy, Susan, Sheryl, and my blogs each month to collect all the blocks for that month.

But first, some BOM ettiquette to help the four of us keep from going insane.

1) If you get an error message when trying to download a pattern, simply try again later.  We have all tested our links – they work.  But, because of a high participation level, bandwidths may be exceeded in the first day or two after a new pattern is released, some of the sites we store files on only allow so many downloads per hour.  So try try again later or another day — DO NOT email or leave a comment saying you can’t get the file or got an error message — or leave that message after 10 other people have said the same thing.  Our heads WILL explode! 🙂

We are all busy. The schedule is to release a new group of patterns the first Saturday of each month. If when you check, you find the pattern is not there —  try, try again later.  We are not synchronizing our watches — updates of new patterns are not made the exact same hour by all of us — we all have our own schedules that rule our day so DO NOT leave comments or emails asking why you can’t find the new pattern.   (Again head exploding may occur and make us wonder why we offer free patterns in the first place.)

Never ever ask us to email the patterns to you.  It will definitely NOT happen.  You are responsible to remember each month to collect all the patterns.  They will all remain available until after the end of the year so you have plenty of time to collect them all.

Now, that’s not a comprehensive list of things that cause head exploding, but it’s the things that seem to happen every time one of us puts out a free project — no matter how much we warn against doing those things.  And if you’ve now read this far, your reward is to hop on over to the sidebar, click on the image of the CTS  quilt, and you’ll find the link for The Manor House at the bottom of that page.  Links to my other three cohorts’ blogs are also on that page.

I hope you enjoy making this quilt with us!  Oh, and you may notice in the photo above, on some of my houses I flipped around the top row with the chimney so some chimneys are more to the right or left — just a little variety.  Do you have fabrics with people on them — wouldn’t they look cute looking out of some of the windows!  You could embellish your houses also — add  holiday decorations to the houses, bead or button doorknobs, hand or machine embroidered wreaths on the doors or garland or little beads to look like christmas lights — make your Town your own.



8 comments on “CTS – The Manor House

  1. Denise, I keep clicking on the project button, but it just keeps returning me to your posts; I cannot find the pattern anywhere. And I have been at this for over an hour. I just keep circling through the same 3 posts.

    • The project button takes you to the project PAGE – not the regular posts. There’s a difference and the block link is on that page.

  2. I cannot find the pattern for the “Manor” I have gone over all sites several times. I have the other patterns but not the house. Can someone help? HELP!

    • Please READ today’s blog post about the Manor block and follow the directions to the button for the project. You do have to actually read the info – the pattern will not jump out and bite you.

  3. Lovely fun Denise! I love your houses – yours was the last blog I opened and I kept wondering ‘where are the houses where are the houses where are the houses” – but my head didn’t explode. Also love your rules. Let’s hope we get nothing but grown-ups participating. Thanks for doing all this!

  4. And we’re off! I think I might keep them all the same color, I like the symmetry in the original lay-out. Having said that……. I’ll see! Thanks for your first month!

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