Still playing with the circles

Still haven’t decided what if anything I’ll do with this block design – there are just too many things on the burner right now – but I did a bit more laying with the design in EQ.

Still not quite what I’m looking for but I’ll know it when I see it.

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Building Boom – CTS

There was a “building boom” in the Christmas Town Sampler village.   Only three days to go!!   So four more houses have been built in the neighborhood.  But the builder ran out of supplies (actually I thought I had cut out five houses and really only did four) so I’ve got one more to cut and then all the houses of this design will be completed.  They really are quick to stitch up once all the pieces are cut.

You’ve been able to see the border blocks I’ve designed ever since this project was announced but I’m so excited for everyone to see the great blocks Sheryl, Susan and Judy have come up with as they are unveiled each month.     Three days and counting………………….



Happy Fourth of July!

I walked out this morning, filled the birdfeeders, watered a couple flower pots (which are not looking good in this heat), and then decided as hot and dry as it’s been the birds might light some water so found the saucer to a flower pot and filled that for them.  By that time, I was dripping wet — 9 a.m., 90 degrees – that’s just not right!  We’re supposed to hit 102 today and even hotter tomorrow.    Perhaps those Wisconsin winters aren’t such a bad thing — I’d  rather deal with the cold and snow than this.  You can always put more clothes on to keep warm but going outside in this heat and humidity – yuck!

So I’ll say inside and knit and sew today since I’ve done the bit of cleaning I plan to do already.  Speaking of knitting – the Camp Loopy 2 project — well I don’t know why this one has been such a chore – I’ve knit enough for several projects so far all to be ripped out.

The color is very bad in that photo ( but I was not dragging it all outside in the heat to get a true color one!).  My Camp Loopy 2 project started out on the left – the vest I was making and then realized it was not going to be as long as I wanted and I didn’t have enough yarn – scrap that idea.   Then the middle project – the little girl’s cape — I didn’t like the way the hood was looking and thought there was an error in the pattern which made it look worse (and have since got confirmation from the magazine where the pattern appeared that yes I was right there is an error in the pattern) – scrapped that idea.  The on to the project on the right – the scarf with attached hood.  I like the look of that pattern but the diagonal rib it is done in is oh so boring to do (I may still make that pattern at a future date but with some other stitch pattern I like).  Scrap idea 3.  Remember whatever I make has to be done  before the end of July and have at least 800 yards of yarn in it!  I can’t keep changing my mind after all this knitting.

So I was on to project 4 which was a very plain cowl necked cape.  I cast on the 360 or so stitches and started the ribbing.  It takes a very long time to get around that loop. LOL  But I was thinking I would like one that is knit from the top down so I can adjust the length more easily (since I’m tall and wide across the shoulders).  I really like the simplicity of that pattern so have put the magazine aside till I have time to see if I can reverse the pattern to work it top down.

So once again I went looking on Ravelry.  I now need something simple that I can mindlessly knit on and get it done by the deadline.  I came across The Looped Loop.  It doesn’t use  enough yardage but I would make it longer and wider so it would loop more times.  But then I found the Infinitude Scarf.  Similar look but I like that it starts with ribbing going one way and then switches to it going the opposite direction.  I would still need to make it longer and wider.  But the bonus — the stitches I had already cast on for the ribbing on the cape – that would work for this  project.  My ribbing was 4 x 4 on the cape and it really didn’t matter if the ribbing sections were a stitch or two more so FINALLY – a project that I will stick with an complete.  It will loop 2 or three times but if it’s a cold snowy day I will be able to unloop it a bit and pull the back up over my head — perfect since I hate wearing hats.  Now to keep knitting round and round and round that big loop!

This photo is pretty true to color. I’ve finished the horizontal ribbing and am now on to the vertical ribbing.  As you can see – nearly one full hank of yarn has been used (250 yards). More than twice that to go so need to rip back all those other projects and rewind those balls.

But for now – off to the sewing room for a bit of stitching after I find some lunch.