Stashbusting Report and Giveaway winner

The stashbusting report is very sad (and apparently blue too).  I had thought I would do lots of machine quilting while I was off on vacation this past week.  But not a project got layered or quilted.   I puttered with working on other things, blocks for projects I can’t show you yet, and a lot of knitting.  All good and fun stuff I did work on — just not good for the stashbusting report.  So a measly 2 yards used that I can count in at this point, for a total of 60 yards busted.  I can’t wait until the projects I’ve been working on forever are completed so I can see those totals really go up by more than a yard or two!

Today tho I actually hope to get a quilt layered.  I hate piecing backings and recently bought two wide backing pieces (and there should be a box at the office that came in while I was on vacation with four more in it) but the wide backing has it’s down side too — ironing it!  So that’s that I hope to get at later today.

Now on to the winner of EQ Fall Stash 2011…..  congratulations Glenna!! You came the closest to guessing what time I was born.  I was born at 9:00 a.m. on the dot!  My Mom says I was  her “easy” child that sort of rolled with the punches (out of four) so clearly I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone too much by arriving in the middle of the night or anything. :-)

Glenna Dameron

I have EQ7 and my guess you born at a reasonable time like 8:15 am.  Happy Birthday.

And stay tuned — for those of you who haven’t had a chance to try EQ Boutique yet  – or who have and have their eye on additional pattern downloads – there will be a gift certificate giveaway to EQ Boutique in the not too distant future.


Flitterin’ is now available and a giveaway

To get the pattern, click the Flitterin’ button in the left sidebar which will take you to the Page with the download.


I also promised a giveaway for those of you who have Electric Quilt.   When I ordered the Spring Stash 2012 disk, there was a great sale going on to get Fall Stash 2011 along with it.  They were an impulse buy. :-)  So I loaded the Spring Stash on my machine and the Fall Stash will go to one lucky EQ winner.   Fall Stash contains over 6,400 fabrics from 25 manufacturers and the simple instructions that come with the disk make it oh so easy to load up and get to the new fabrics.

Read very carefully so you are not disqualified from winning . :-)

The requirements to enter to win Fall Stash 2011 are:  (1) you must own Electric Quilt software upgraded to a more recent version than EQ5. It wil not work with EQ 5 or previous versions. And (2), leave a comment on this post telling me what version of EQ you currently use AND  your guess as to what time I was born on July 28,1960. :-)

You only get ONE guess.  You do not get to change your guess once you have posted a comment.  The person who comes closest to the time I was born (yep – I pulled out my birth certificate to make sure) – closest WITHOUT going over (as they would say on Let’s Make a Deal) wins.  If there is more than one person who guessed the correct time, then the random number generator will pick a winner.

I’ll pick a winner  sometime Sunday morning.

Happy birthday to me……..

It’s 12:01 a.m. on July 28 —

Do you know what that means??  Happy birthday to meeeee!!!  I got a very fun card my sister sent me.  The front said “We used to wear birthday crowns with our age printed on them….     and on the inside…..    Yeah we wised up to that shit pretty quick.

ROFLOL She also sent me this adorable gourd birdhouse

I know she had a bumper gourd crop this year so I’m sure she made it herself and drew the spool of thread and needle on it.  There’s a hook in the ceiling by the window in my sewing room so I’ve got it hanging up there.  It’s right next to the ceiling vent so when the air is on it swings slightly like it’s swinging in the breeze.

Sewing mess conquered

While cleaning the sewing room, I pulled the stained glass table runner out to finish since it just needed the circles appliqued.  They’re all attached now so I can add it to the “to be quilted” pile which is every growing.

I nearly have the sewing room back in order.  Did a bit more straightening this morning and have a few more things to find a home for but overall, things are much tidier and looking good.

 I think that wall behind the tv is in need of a quilt and I’ve got a wooden shelf with a quilt rod on it in the back of the closet so will have to pull that out and put it up.   The treadmill still needs to be moved out but of course I need to rearrange some furniture in another room for it’s new home and I’m not to sure I’m in the mood to work that hard today. :-)

Speaking of the “to be quilted pile” most people have a coat closet — mine, while it does have a coat or two in it — does double duty.  Doesn’t everyone have a “Quilt Closet”??

Of the four storage tubs, two are completely filled with tops that are just waiting to be quilted in addition to the tops in the Quilts from the Crate and those that are hanging on hangers in the closet.

The other two containers  might have  a top or two in them but mostly they are swap blocks (a whole lot of swap blocks on various themes) and a few other projects in the progress.  The dark tote on the top has fabric in it – yep a bunch of civil war repos I forgot I had and never made it to the stash since they are fat quaters or less that I’ve been trying to use up in various projects.  I need to dig through those and straighten them up but not today.   I need to do some serious machine quilting!

On the Needles Friday – July 27

At Midnight this a.m., Camp Loopy 3 project got started and since I was still up — I got started on it.  And I actually got started on it twice!  I’m making Scalene and was going to make the striped version.  But clearly you need to carry the yarn up the asymetrical edge much more loosely than I was because that edge was not laying as smoothly as the other.  So I ripped out the rows I had done and decided to make the other version, with just two blocks of colors in it.  Actually I think my yarn will look much better that way – the richness of the color of the yarn was sort of lost in alternating stripes but larger sections of the colors will be really pretty I think.

  It’s super simple, no brainer knitting right now.

Today was the day for revealing the next clue on the Stephen West KAL – Rockefeller.  I’ve got that downloaded and am ready to get started on the next clue for that also.  I wasn’t so sure I liked what I’d knit so far but I do like the look of the next clue — yes I peaked at the spoiler pages to see what those really speedy knitters had posted photos of so far.  I’ve now figured out (I believe) how it got the name Rockefeller but will have to wait and see if I’m right.  I’m using short circular needles so can’t get a good photo of it right now spread out so you can see the design.

There are of course socks on the needles too but they’ll have to wait until Camp Loopy is completed. :-)

Another fine mess….

I was in the sewing room straightening up my mess from the last couple of days and things were just seeming really cluttered.   The closet doors were open and that look messy too.  I still haven’t put everything back up on the walls from several months ago now when the entire apartment as repainted.  So there are still photos, pictures, quilts, etc. that were hanging on walls shoved in closets.   I like to change things up — I rearrange furniture frequently, find new storage solutions (no doubt if you’re read the blog for a while you’venoticed I change the look of that every so often) –I like change and trying new things.  However, in the sewing room there are only two options for the shelves of stash — in the closet or out in the room.  I’ve had it both ways and while I was in there tidying,  I decided that I really liked having the shelves in the closet.  It’s not like I’m going through the shelves every day for fabric and since I’m mostly trying to finish works in progress or tops to be quilted, I’m not searching the stash for as much at the moment.  But dang – that’s a big job unloading the shelves in order to move them and emptying the big bookcase in the closet in order to move that.

So mMove these

  Back into the closet in place of this green shelving unit.  The shelving unit in the closet did need cleaning off since that’s where a lot of stuff got stashed when I moved stuff out of the way of the painters.

No I didn’t want to do it so I decided to take a coffee break instead but sitting there sipping my coffee looking at the closet, looking at the shelves — yep time to get busy and move that stuff about.

Part of my nemises in the sewing room is the treadmill.  Do I use it – seldom — should I use it — oh yes – but it’s never sitting in a good place where I can watch tv while I’m on it.  You just can’t (or at least I can’t) walk on the treadmill and look sideways at the tv — you tend to start to want to walk in that direction. LOL   But I think I may have figured out a spot to put it in the living room – more rearranging!

In the meantime, I got the shelving emptied, switched, fabric back on the shelves in the closet, tv moved and hooked back up, so now just have to decided what goes back on the green shelves.

I did get lost for a while digging through the storage tubs of tops waiting to be quilted, baggies of blocks from various swaps, and all kinds of other stuff in progress.  Found those tubs a new home too so they are easier to get at than before.

But more than enough cleaning for one day — time to go relax.  I pulled one wallhanging top out of the tubs that needs a few appliqued items added so may see if I can’t get that one finished off.

Hmm…. it might be more relaxing to go back to work!

Oh — but as I just looked at the time and date on the computer (11:25 p.m. on 7/26)  Happy Birthday to my younger brother Tim!!  Born two days before my birthday but two years after me.  My parents, who have been known to get our birthdays switched around many many times, called today to sing “Happy Unbirthday to you” to me. They got it right this year! LOL

And – 7/27 is the start date for the Camp Loopy 3 project (the last project of camp) so in a half hour I can cast on and get knitting on my project!  I’ve been petting the yarn ever since I bought it because it just feels so nice and soft and I love the colors so can’t wait to get started.  Got to go find my pattern and needles!

The status of quilty things….

 This quilty thing — a 30’s repro bowtie quilt — I finally finished the binding on so it’s done.  Another Quilt from the Crate completed and if you’ve been following my “Quilts from the Crate” project, you  know I’m no where near getting all those quilts quilted by my goal – which is only 2 days away. ROFLOL  It was a dream – and I like to dream big – but I’ll keep plugging along on those with renewed effort since there’s plenty more quilt tops waiting to be quilted other than those in the Crate.

Yesterday I also got the peony applique on the Flitterin’ top.  I was working out of the stash with jut a couple specific pieces of fabric so changed fabric placement in my borders different than in the EQ image but it all works and here’s the top — not ready for quilting.

 Not sure what I’ll work on today but think I may finally get the table cleared off and layer a quilt or two so I can get started on some machine quilting.




Change of Plans

A girl’s entitled to change her mind, right?  LOL  I decided to change the free birthday pattern I’ll be posting on the blog to just a single butterfly – Flitterin’.

  So here’s what it will look like.  It will end up being about a 30″ wallhanging.  I’ve got my butterfly made and just have to make my borders yet and applique the peony in the corner.  I think that will be today’s project among other things tho I’m off to a slow start puttering around this morning.

Backing fabric for a quilt is in the washer, banana muffins have just come out of the over and are cooling, and I’ve got some quiche in the oven warming up so after some brunch, time to get sewing. 

But tell me, why is it every time I take a week off and spend it around the apartment, there’s some maintenance repair going on at the apartment building.  Once, they were putting on a new roof, another time, landscaping outside my door, now it’s scraping and painting the deck above me.  I’m not really complaining — they do a fantastic job with quick and speedy maintenance (and maybe that means the neighbor upstairs has moved which wouldn’t be a bad thing) ;-)  But it’s not quite as hot as it has been the last few weeks  so I was going to sit out at the patio table and drink my coffee.  I saw all the paint chips on my table and ground and started sweeping when some guy upstairs called down to tell me when he was done he’d be down with the shop vac to clean up the paint chips.  Yes, they are very tidy with all their work too but since I didn’t relish paint chips (or wet paint) possibly dripping on me and my coffee, another change of plans and I came back inside.  Maybe tomorrow morning…..

And don’t forget, if you use EQ you may want to check back on my birthday.  I’ve got a copy of the Fall Stash 2011 (it was a bargin when I bought Spring Stash 2012 so bought it specifically to use as a give away) that I’ll be giving that away to some lucky EQ user.


It’s a butterfly

Cut up those batiks and I’ve got one butterfly done.  It turned out quite nice and although there are a good number of pieces in each block, they are big blocks and the piecing is easy.   So far my plan to get several quilts layered and quilted this vacation has not come about but maybe tomorrow I’ll clear off the table and get one started….

  But but to that binding in the meantime since I hope to get that project off my list of to do things tonight!


I cooked!

I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks plus with the hot weather, I haven’t feel like cooking when I’ve walked in from my hot walk from the bus at night.  So it’s been quick meals that I haven’t had to do much too — and I can’t remember the last time I turned the oven on.

I woke up this morning hungry for quiche – not just any old quiche but asparagus, ham and swiss cheese.  YUM!  Did I have any of those ingredients here – of course not.  Not even enough eggs and no milk.  So I decided I’d have a cup of coffee and ignore that thought.  I picked up the bow tie quilt I had added the binding to a couple weeks ago and pinned that down and started hand stitching it. But by lunchtime I decided I really needed to make quiche.  So off to the store I went.

  It’s out of the oven and will be dinner tonight along with a crusty french roll and some fruit. I’m very glad that “someone” has finally decided to cook while I’m on vacation. LOL  Tomorrow morning I may tackle  some of those bananas in the freezer and make either muffins or banana bread or banana snack cake or….. there’s a lot of bananas in there!  But darn, I should have thought about picking up chocolate chips to go in the muffins.  

I finished the 2nd clue on the mystery KAL so I’m all ready for Friday when the next clue comes out.  It will be really interesting to see where this project goes next – right now, I’m not totally loving it but we’re only on clue 2 of 5 so a lot can still happen.

I stitched another block or two for CTS — but of course can’t show you those because they are blocks yet to be revealed in subsequent months. :-)

And I pulled these fabrics

I’ve starting writing up the instructions for Flitterin’ Four and decided I want to make a one block wallhanging for me so those fabrics will be my background and butterfly. 

Time to head back into the sewing room.