What’s NOT on the needles Saturday

Well there was “what’s on the needles Friday” and now what’s not on the needles Saturday which is NOT because I’ve finished the Camp Loopy 2 project but because I decided it was not going to fit the way I wanted. :-(

I was going to give myself until 9:00 to knit this morning _ I started about 5:30 a.m. – and  and then move on to other things so I didn’t sit and knit all day.  But as I got just past the neck bind off to continue down the two separate fronts of the vest I realized it’s not as long as I would want.  I originally thought the length would work – especially after it was blocked – but I don’t think that will be the case  and I don’t have enough yarn to make it the length I want it to be.  And I don’t want to have to order more yarn since with  hand dyed yarn it could be very different than what I previously received even if it is still available.  And of course the project does have a deadline no matter what I choose to make so I can’t really stop and wait for more yarn to arrive.

So it’s now 11 a.m. and I’ve spent the last two hours or so going through books and magazines trying to decide what I’m going to make instead.  In one of the magazines there is a little girl’s cape – looks like Red Riding Hood’s – and the red of my yarn will be perfect.  There’s no little girl in the family to make it for but one of my projects for Camp Loopy last year was a little girl’s knit top which I gave to a co-worker’s daughter.  She may be the recipient of the cape too – she could be a yearly camp loopy recipient ;-)  or it may end up being a donation somewhere.  So on to ripping out everything I’ve knit so far so I’ll be ready to start again.

In the meantime, I’m going to head into the sewing room.  One of the things I had also planned to do today was to cut out (and possibly get to sewing) some more of the border blocks for the Christmas Town Sampler BOM  – just a week to wait until the start of this project so I hope you’ve gathered some of your fabrics so you’re ready to get started next weekend.

And here’s still that bowtie quilt that has been waiting the past two weeks for me to make the binding for it — hopefully this weekend that will be completed too!


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