A bit of sewing – a bit of knitting – a bit of napping

I did finally get into the sewing room and cut out some more pieces for the Christmas Town Sampler border houses.  I’ve got the pieces cut for six blocks and got one more house sewn.  It just takes so long to figure out what fabrics I want to use for which part of the block, and then do that for six different colored blocks — way putzy which is why I don’t do a lot of scrappy or semi controlled scrapy.  But I shall continue on – it will be a bright and happy quilt when it’s done.

  The purple house is the new one.  Shouldn’t every purple house have a green door?

Before starting on the houses today — I finally cut and sewed the binding for the bowtie quilt since the machine that was sitting on the table had the walking foot on it that I use to attach binding.  So got that attached to the quilt and will hand sew down the back one of these nights; put that machine away, and pulled out my featherweight to stitch the house blocks.

Then it was on to ripping out all I had knit on my Camp Loopy project.  That done, I cast on for the red riding hood cape and have progressed this far

A little seed stitch around the front edge of the good and now I’m working my way across the top of the head sort of.  I would be farther but that’s there “a bit of napping” came in.  I so hate to nap — it’s such a waste of time but I was awake most of last night with a throbbing headache (which thankfully finally went away) so I kept dozing off while knitting and watching a movie.  I just have started that movie over three or four times and finally gave up.  But now it’s 9 p.m., no one has bothered to make me dinner so I think it’s going to be some popcorn and then back to the knitting.