Camp Loopy 2 is underway

I was still up so cast on was at 12:01 a.m. and I got this far before I had to go to bed.  But knitting on the way to and from work, I now have the 4″ of ribbing done.  It’s been a long time since I used needles much larger than the ones I use for socks or used worsted weight yarn so ribbing done with size 6 needles just seems wrong. 🙂  But now it’s on to size 9 needles and the vine lace pattern so hopefully that should go quickly on that size needle.  So my vest is well on it’s way with the first day of Camp Loopy 2 not even done yet.


One comment on “Camp Loopy 2 is underway

  1. Hey that looks great! I taught myself to knit and I love it. Haven’t knitted more that tons of scarves and a caplet! I want to get brave and try something like your ribbing but I get so confused on counting! lol One day my attention span will expand and maybe I’ll conquer knitting! Crochet is easier for me, guess it’s because I’ve done it longer.

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