Knitting Insanity

You know it’s Judy’s fault — somehow it usually is.  I was minding my own business, ignoring the Stephen West KAL (knit along) Mystery that was coming up on Ravelry.  I thought about joining it, looked at the dates it starts – right in the middle of Camp Loopy where I already have 800 yards to knit in a month.  Sanity said – nope, don’t sign up.  Wait until the pattern comes out and then decide if you really want to buy it and make it later.   Yes that was the plan.

But of course every time I look at Ravelry I see that KAL at the top of the list.  No must resist.  Then I saw this  on Judy’s blog.  Yep – she’s insane also and is doing the KAL.   I emailed her telling her I had contemplated it but was resisting.  Her response:   So what yarn are you going to use?? ROFLOL  Yep – she knew I’d succumb and I did and I’m signed up. This weekend I’ll be digging through the stash to see what I will use for this.    I do love his designs and have several sitting in my Ravelry library.  The Spectra scarf was one and Scalene is another that I’m anxious to try.

So I’m committed (or should be) but I just realized that Camp Loopy 2 starts tonight –well at 12:01 Wed. a.m. really — so I hope to cast on and get a few rows started before I have to go fall into bed but we’ll see.  You know what I’ll be knitting on on my bus ride to work tomorrow tho! :-)  There’s a whole lot ‘o yarn to be knit in to that Camp Loopy 2 project!