State of the Stash report 6/17/12

Well only a yard used for binding on the stacked posey charity quilt  this week for a total of 52.75 yards of fabric used year to date.  That’s just the amount used not offset by the amount purchased since I’ve pretty much lost interest in keeping track of the purchases. LOL

I finished off the binding last night on Just Butterflies so that one can go into the donation pile.

I also got a couple inches done on the sock I started on last night.

Only problem is the yarn is so dark and the color bursts in it so short that the pattern , which is a dewdrop elongated stitch, isn’t showing up in this yarn.  So my plan is to rip this one back to the ribbing and then just do a plain jane sock out of this yarn.

But I still really want to make the Harvest Dew pattern so pulled out this yarn – it’s a Socktopus yarn called Princess and the Pea so will start that pattern again in this yarn and see how it looks.


I was busy digging through the Quilts from the Crate (8 completed from the Crate so far) and pulled out two more projects to layer and quilt.  One is the Kat table runner. The Kats were from a past block swap.

It’s hard to tell from the photo since the background fabric sort of blends into my design wall but the edges of the runner are angled – following the dark triangles.


And I also pulled out another top which will be a donation quilt. I have several tops in the Crate that are either bow ties (in various layouts) or just rows of rectangles — all in 30s prints since I decided I was tired of 30s and would cut up all the ones I had in my stash.  I think I’ve already quilted most of the 30s quilts but there’s still a few in that crate.

So now to find some breakfast and then some backing for these projects.




4 comments on “State of the Stash report 6/17/12

  1. You are being so productive – next week’s report should show some big number with all those backings. Loved every project you showed, except the sock – and yes, you’re right – one can’t see the fancy stitch. You have a good plan for it. Congrats on your numbers.

  2. Your crate quilts are so pretty. You must have made lots of tops to be still pulling from that crate. I love the color of your dark sock. Too bad your fancy stitch doesn’t show up well. You have more patience than I for ripping and starting it over,

    • The crate is only the tip of the iceberg – there are at least two (maybe three) large storage tubs of just tops awaiting their turn to be quilted.

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