On the Needles Friday, June 15

On the needles today …  well the first Simply SKYP sock is nearly finished — just a row or two more on the toe and then weave the end then on to the second sock.

  As for what’s on the floor — not that anyone asked that but that’s here I put this yarn to take a photograph.

  This stuff is gorgeous and I couldn’t pass it up since it was half price.  There’s several little short sleeved summery sweaters patterns I’ve had my eye on and this will go into one of them (there’s a whole other bag of these cute little balls not in the picture) but I just love the color and it’s so soft and wonderful to feel — silk, bamboo and wool blend.  The hard part will be deciding which sweater to make.   But it will wait until after Camp Loopy has concluded.

I’m really anxiously awaiting starting on the next project — even if I can’t start until the 27th and my yarn hasn’t arrived yet. LOL    Oh well … I’m kind of bored with the SKYP sock (I’ve made a couple from that pattern) so I may pull out some other mateless sock from the pile and work on one of those for a while.

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