Stashbusting and Camp Loopy Project 1 Completed

Alas — there is nothing new to report on the Stashbusting front.  I’m still quilting on the four patch stacked posey I was quitling on last weekend but I’m moving along.  Need to get off the computer and get back to work on that!

My Spectra scarf is done, blocked and ready to wear!  Camp Loopy project 1 finished June 9 – way ahead of the June 27 deadline date so I’m happy about that.  Now of course I’m anxious to see what’s next at Camp Loopy.

7 comments on “Stashbusting and Camp Loopy Project 1 Completed

  1. Love your scarf, and thanks for sharing your progress as you knitted it. You all who knit so quickly amaze me; it takes me several nights to knit one small baby hat!

  2. And the photo with the modeling is where?? Very pretty scarf, Denise. It turned out lovely!

  3. I think the scarf was well worth the trouble of making the color decision. It turned out beautiful and when it is worn I am sure others will comment and want one also.

  4. Your Camp Loopy scarf is beautiful. You amaze me at how much knitting and quilting you get done. Some times it ever tires me out. Love all your projects

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