June 8 – On the Needles

Judy has started On the Needles Fridays – an update of what is currently on the knitting needles.  Check out the link to see what other people are knitting on right now.

This pair of Simple Skyp socks are currently on the needles – just turned the heel and am on to the foot.

  There are of course other projects on needles but I plan to only show you the ones on Fridays that are seriously being worked on at the time.

This next project I have been very seriously knitting on! 🙂  Started it on May 27 at 12:01 a.m. — the start of Camp Loopy and  tonight I will be casting off — it’s nearly done!

If you read the blog you may remember seeing the yarn when I first got it for the Spectra scarf —

Even tho I really liked that Zauberball (the multicolored yarn) I wasn’t sure how it would look in this scarf (oh yes — an my Camp Loopy T-shirt arrived yesterday with the same logo on it as that button in the picture — too cute!)

But take a look at this scarf — I absolutely positively love it!!  I have yet to figure out exactly how I’m going to block it but about 5 more rows of black will finish off the end — which is good since that little ball of black is all that’s left.  I made it a few more wedges longer than the pattern called for.


8 comments on “June 8 – On the Needles

  1. BTW your Spectra is gorgeous! I was wondering about the blocking, too. Will you post about how you decide to tackle that?

    • I just laid it out sort of as it was show in the picture – spiraling – and smooshed it all flat and straight.

  2. You inspired me to do Spectra for Camp Loopy, but I am not nearly as far along as you, and my colors are very subtle compared to yours. I’ll try to remember to get a picture up soon. When will the next Camp Loopy shopping week be announced and the new set of instructions for the second month of camp? I didn’t participate in the past and am trying to learn my way around Camp!

    • You’ll have to watch the website for the next shopping week and info on the 2nd project. I would think shopping week will be soon since they have to have time to get shipments out by the start date for the 2nd project.

  3. Denise ~

    absolutely love your scarf! I can’t wait to see it on an actual model…hint, hint, hint!

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