June 3 Stash Useage

It was a good stash using week.   Twelve yards were used for backings and bindings last week making the total fabric used  YTD 51.75 yds.  I decided I more interested in seeing/tracking how much fabric I use rather than what I purchase versus what I use.  I seldom buy fabric without a plan in mind anymore – meaning no random stash enhancement without a purpose – so I don’t really care how much I buy.  At an average of $9 to $10 a yard – it’s simply gotten too expensive to buy yards of fabric “just because.”

So that 12 yards was used for the backings and bindings on the Western Fabric quilt and Just Butterflies previously posted and then the four patch posey top I layered yesterday — which hopefully I will come up with a plan on how to quilt soon so I can get started on the actual quilting today.