A bit of sewing – a bit of knitting – a bit of napping

I did finally get into the sewing room and cut out some more pieces for the Christmas Town Sampler border houses.  I’ve got the pieces cut for six blocks and got one more house sewn.  It just takes so long to figure out what fabrics I want to use for which part of the block, and then do that for six different colored blocks — way putzy which is why I don’t do a lot of scrappy or semi controlled scrapy.  But I shall continue on – it will be a bright and happy quilt when it’s done.

  The purple house is the new one.  Shouldn’t every purple house have a green door?

Before starting on the houses today — I finally cut and sewed the binding for the bowtie quilt since the machine that was sitting on the table had the walking foot on it that I use to attach binding.  So got that attached to the quilt and will hand sew down the back one of these nights; put that machine away, and pulled out my featherweight to stitch the house blocks.

Then it was on to ripping out all I had knit on my Camp Loopy project.  That done, I cast on for the red riding hood cape and have progressed this far

A little seed stitch around the front edge of the good and now I’m working my way across the top of the head sort of.  I would be farther but that’s there “a bit of napping” came in.  I so hate to nap — it’s such a waste of time but I was awake most of last night with a throbbing headache (which thankfully finally went away) so I kept dozing off while knitting and watching a movie.  I just have started that movie over three or four times and finally gave up.  But now it’s 9 p.m., no one has bothered to make me dinner so I think it’s going to be some popcorn and then back to the knitting.


12 in 2012 challenge update

How are you doing with your 12 in 2012 Sock Challenge?    We’re at the midway point.  Do you have lots of socks finished, are you consistently making one pair a month and you’ve finished that sixth pair, or are you ahead of schedule?

I just realized in looking at the 12 in 2012 page at the button link that I hadn’t posted a photo of one pair of socks I had made.  The last photo is another pair of Tesserae socks I had made – I love the color of those.  So eleven pairs completed so far!  I’ve got two pairs I was going back and forth on on the needles right now (until Camp Loopy interfered) one is another pair of the Simple SKYP Sock pattern — one sock is complete.  And the other is the Harvest Dew pattern, where I’m close to being able to start the heel flap on the first sock.

I still need to update the amount of yardage knit so far this year — which includes all knit projects and not just the socks – since I don’t think I added in the last pair of socks or my camp loopy 1 project.

But off the computer and into the sewing room for a while.


What’s NOT on the needles Saturday

Well there was “what’s on the needles Friday” and now what’s not on the needles Saturday which is NOT because I’ve finished the Camp Loopy 2 project but because I decided it was not going to fit the way I wanted. 😦

I was going to give myself until 9:00 to knit this morning _ I started about 5:30 a.m. – and  and then move on to other things so I didn’t sit and knit all day.  But as I got just past the neck bind off to continue down the two separate fronts of the vest I realized it’s not as long as I would want.  I originally thought the length would work – especially after it was blocked – but I don’t think that will be the case  and I don’t have enough yarn to make it the length I want it to be.  And I don’t want to have to order more yarn since with  hand dyed yarn it could be very different than what I previously received even if it is still available.  And of course the project does have a deadline no matter what I choose to make so I can’t really stop and wait for more yarn to arrive.

So it’s now 11 a.m. and I’ve spent the last two hours or so going through books and magazines trying to decide what I’m going to make instead.  In one of the magazines there is a little girl’s cape – looks like Red Riding Hood’s – and the red of my yarn will be perfect.  There’s no little girl in the family to make it for but one of my projects for Camp Loopy last year was a little girl’s knit top which I gave to a co-worker’s daughter.  She may be the recipient of the cape too – she could be a yearly camp loopy recipient 😉  or it may end up being a donation somewhere.  So on to ripping out everything I’ve knit so far so I’ll be ready to start again.

In the meantime, I’m going to head into the sewing room.  One of the things I had also planned to do today was to cut out (and possibly get to sewing) some more of the border blocks for the Christmas Town Sampler BOM  – just a week to wait until the start of this project so I hope you’ve gathered some of your fabrics so you’re ready to get started next weekend.

And here’s still that bowtie quilt that has been waiting the past two weeks for me to make the binding for it — hopefully this weekend that will be completed too!


What’s On the Needles – Friday June 29

I’ve been knitting like crazy — well the “crazy” probably already existed.  But I’ve gotten in about 6 hours knitting time the past two nights after work and on size 9 needles – -progress is definitely moving quicker than on sock needles! 🙂   The back of my vest is nearly to the spot where I bind of the back neck.  Fronts and back are knit all in one piece.  The color in the photo is way off and the vine lace pattern doesn’t really show up but the camera was not cooperating.

I’ll be inside this weekend – hibernating from the heat and humidity – and there’s more knitting, a bunch of sewing to do since I want to get some more of my CTS border blocks made before the official start of the BOM, and a new fabric collection from Hoffman Fabrics that I need to come up with a quilt pattern for so lots to keep me busy.

Camp Loopy 2 is underway

I was still up so cast on was at 12:01 a.m. and I got this far before I had to go to bed.  But knitting on the way to and from work, I now have the 4″ of ribbing done.  It’s been a long time since I used needles much larger than the ones I use for socks or used worsted weight yarn so ribbing done with size 6 needles just seems wrong. 🙂  But now it’s on to size 9 needles and the vine lace pattern so hopefully that should go quickly on that size needle.  So my vest is well on it’s way with the first day of Camp Loopy 2 not even done yet.

Knitting Insanity

You know it’s Judy’s fault — somehow it usually is.  I was minding my own business, ignoring the Stephen West KAL (knit along) Mystery that was coming up on Ravelry.  I thought about joining it, looked at the dates it starts – right in the middle of Camp Loopy where I already have 800 yards to knit in a month.  Sanity said – nope, don’t sign up.  Wait until the pattern comes out and then decide if you really want to buy it and make it later.   Yes that was the plan.

But of course every time I look at Ravelry I see that KAL at the top of the list.  No must resist.  Then I saw this  on Judy’s blog.  Yep – she’s insane also and is doing the KAL.   I emailed her telling her I had contemplated it but was resisting.  Her response:   So what yarn are you going to use?? ROFLOL  Yep – she knew I’d succumb and I did and I’m signed up. This weekend I’ll be digging through the stash to see what I will use for this.    I do love his designs and have several sitting in my Ravelry library.  The Spectra scarf was one and Scalene is another that I’m anxious to try.

So I’m committed (or should be) but I just realized that Camp Loopy 2 starts tonight –well at 12:01 Wed. a.m. really — so I hope to cast on and get a few rows started before I have to go fall into bed but we’ll see.  You know what I’ll be knitting on on my bus ride to work tomorrow tho! 🙂  There’s a whole lot ‘o yarn to be knit in to that Camp Loopy 2 project!

Design Wall Monday and in the Dog Pound

What’s on the design wall — dogs.  I have one single dog block as a wallhanging (that one was in Quiltmaker 100 Blocks) -and his sidekick there was in Quiltmaker Magazine as a sneak peak photo of a design.  The block was returned and I think it’s time it was made into a little wallhanging of his own too.  So it’s up on the design wall while I try to figure out what sort of borders to use with it.

They are also up on the wall because they are very excited that their buddies, the Dog Pound Pals just put in their appearance today at EQ Boutique   – I know I’m biased but I just love these dogs.  I’ve actually only stitched the two above so my goal is to make all of them and make a quilt all for me.  So for all of you who have been asking when they will be available — they have arrived so that you can adopt them for yourself! 🙂


Stashbusting Report – June 24 2012

We’ll I have just one backing to add to this week’s sewing — the backing for the 30’s bowtie caring quilt posted last weekend when I was quilting on it.  I still need to get to the binding but haven’t gotten around to that yet.

So a total of 4.5 used this week for a grand total of 57.25 yards used so far this year.

I’ve been playing a bit in EQ on a super simple quilt design – Lifesavers.

 I’m not particularly fond of the borders on this one but I do like the block and it will make some simple, bright charity quilts.

I’m contemplating using this block for a block swap  using batiks – it would be oh so pretty.

But enough playing in EQ for today – I’v got some work to get done and I’ve puttered between knitting and EQ all morning.



Two weeks and counting….

Just two weeks until the start of Christmas Town Sampler (CTS)!

I had hoped to get a few more of my own blocks done but so far just these few lone buildings are on my design wall but my Town will be expanding and growing soon.

I also have another project that I’m contemplating posting to the blog but can’t decide if it should be done as a mystery, a sew along or what so need to think on that a bit longer.

Here’s the yarn that arrived yesterday for the second Spectra scarf.

I may switch out the blue for a different shade since I think there’s a slightly darker one in the stash that may look better but this one will wait to be made until Camp Loopy is over — but I think this one is going to be fantastic.

June 22 – What’s the Needles Friday

What’s  on the needles today — well a little bit more progress has been made on the latest pair of socks – Honey Dew.

I really am liking that yarn.

I also knit the swatch for the Greta pattern – which was my Camp Loopy 2 project.  I knit rather loose so tried knitting the swatch with a needle one size smaller than the directions called for but the gauge wasn’t right so ordered a new needle.  In the meantime I just wasn’t sure I’d like the the yarn  and have now decided not to make that pattern.   The yarn I got is not drapey enough and I knit about a half ball of yarn trying to decide how it would look and seriously I wonder if the yardage is correct in that pattern for the size I was making.  For the final version I would have been using a size larger needle (hence using more yarn) and it just didn’t look like the there could possible be enough yarn.  I still like that pattern, and will make it later from some nice drapey yarn – but I’ll be making sure I buy extra.

So now I’ve settled on the Four Seasons Vine Lace Vest by Cecily Glowik – she has so many really cute little sweater patterns that I just love.   This is just a little waist length vest with a pretty lace design in it.  I swatched that and all looks good so now to get the rest of the yarn wound and then await June 27th to begin Camp Loopy 2.

Speaking of the Loopy Ewe 🙂  a box from them arrived today (I had free frequent shopper money with them I NEEDED to spend) so needles I ordered for Greata pattern arrived (and I also need them for the new Camp Loopy project) and I ordered yarn to make a second Spectra scarf — a very bright one so stay tuned and I’ll show you the yarns tomorrow.